No one is more deserving of our love and attention than our parents. If you are fortunate enough to be next to them make sure you shower them with love & respect. Overlook their shortcoming & earn janna by being dutiful to them. If you are far call & visit often. If they have passed away continue to pray for them.
—  Halel Banani

Eric9: first of three editorialtoons on Ferguson, MO  my friends and I are baffled that people are baffled that U.S. PD’s are armed like the soon they forget they wanted PD’s to update their armor after 09/11 more about this later on and see the next two editorialtoons

-one more time thanks for your continuing thoughts…you say more than the inner circle and I really appreciate it

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Kids imagine what it’s like to be an adult. Hilarity ensues. 

Imaging Study Shows How Children Memorize Facts

“As children learn basic arithmetic, they go from solving problems by counting on their fingers to pulling facts from memory,” researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine said. “The shift comes more easily for some kids than for others, but no one knows why,” the researchers said.

The study also adds to previous research into the differences between how children’s and adults’ brains solve math problems, he noted. Children use certain brain regions, including the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex, very differently from adults when the two groups are solving the same types of math problems, the study showed.



anonymous said:

After asking my parents if I could get an ADHD assessment, my parents have scheduled me an appointment but they intentionally give me the attitude like "yeah there's something DEFINITELY WRONG with you" and "your reward system is probably BROKEN". and while it's true, the tone is so demeaning

I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’m glad that they are giving you the opportunity to be tested, but their attitude isn’t very good.

They’re probably trying to process the idea that you might have ADHD. That doesn’t excuse their behaviour, it just makes it more understandable.

If you can, try talking to them about it at a time when they haven’t just given you this attitude. Tell them that it feels like they’re being really mean when they say these things and that you’d appreciate it if they could try not to do that.


Followers, what do you suggest?

Children’s drawings indicate later intelligence, study shows

How 4-year-old children draw pictures of a child is an indicator of intelligence at age 14, according to a new study. The researchers studied 7,752 pairs of identical and non-identical twins and found that the link between drawing and later intelligence was influenced by genes.

"The correlation is moderate, so our findings are interesting, but it does not mean that parents should worry if their child draws badly. Drawing ability does not determine intelligence, there are countless factors, both genetic and environmental, which affect intelligence in later life."

Dear you,

Para sa mga estudyante,

Aral ng mabuti ha. Pasalamat tayo sa mga magulang natin dahil binigyan nila tayo ng pagkakataong makapag-aral. Maraming bata ang gustong mag-aral pero hindi kaya ng magulang nila kaya bata pa lang ay kailangan na nilang magtrabaho.

Pahalagahan mo yung pera na binibigay sayo ng magulang mo. Dahil sinasabi ko sayo, hindi madaling kumita ng pera ngayon. Pwera na lang kung mayaman kayo. Pero kung hindi, wag masyado mag feeling. Hindi tinatae ng mga magulang mo ang perang binibigay nila sayo. Pinangarap ko din na sana isang giling ko lang sa kalsada magkakapera na ako pambuhay sa pamilya ko, kaso hindi ganon kadali yun.

Intindihin mo din na kung minsan nagkukulang ng oras sayo ang magulang mo. Pre, nagtatrabaho yan maghapon para may makain ka kinabukasan. Kaya bawat oras na nasa bahay sila, kaunting tulong lang yu g maghugas ka ng pinggan. O kahit kamustahin mo man lang sila kung kamusta na yung trabaho nila.

Kaya mag aral na lang ng mabuti. After ilang years of school, mararanasan mo rin kumayod para magkapera. Mag aral ng mabuti para hindi na madagdagan ang taon sa college. Tama na muna ang gimik, marami kang oras pag nagtatrabaho ka na. Promise.

Sa uulitin. O gawa ka na ng assignment mo.

Nagmahal ng lubos,
Kuya Arties

Back to School Anxiety

Back to school anxiety is common. Anxiety is the body’s way of alerting us to respond to dangerous or stressful events. It isn’t always a bad emotion, it can actually be helpful. Anxiety can help us stay focused, motivated and move us into action. So your teen may need to go through the feelings of anxiety in order to mentally prepare for the first day of school. Some teens have a harder time adjusting than others.

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