So I got a few questions about last night’s filming. Here’s what we saw:

First there was a scene filmed at the town line, it was just Elizabeth Mitchell and we couldn’t see anything. We just know that it was her at the town line. (yes I got a picture with the Storybrooke sign)

Next was at Regina’s vault. We saw Jmo and Georgina walking fast towards the vault, Jmo threw a rock at the door and tried magic afterwards. Didn’t work. After a few times it worked and they went into the vault. 

After that they shot a scene where Jmo and George ran out of the vault, looking at their hands. Though we’re not sure if it was part of the scene or not, they were lauging a lot. It looked kind of like they pulled a prank on Regina and were running away from that. 

And then the last scene we saw was just Lana, sort of running out of her vault in Evil Queen clothes (not young Regina) screaming  ”Run as hard as you can miss Swan, but I’m coming for youuuuuuu!” She was furious! But at the same time, she was having a lot of fun and it looked kinda of comedic. 

So what we think is going on, we think this scene at Regina’s vault might be one of the DVD extra’s. As in Goodmorning Storybrooke. These scene’s were short, and it only took them about 3 takes to film each of them. 

The Truth About Lana Parrilla


First I want to introduce you to Lana Parrilla: the person and establish the fact that besides being an amazing actress she is an amazing person

Lana supports victims of Domestic Abuse attending the FaceForward Gala

She is the type of person who visits children’s hospital dresses as her character

Attends Charity Bingos

Charity walks for AIDs

Supports ALS

And the N0H8 campaign against Bullying

And is a HUGE advocate for Equal Marriage and Human Rights

Now to introduce to you Lana Parrilla: the actress

Lana Maria Parrilla is an actress best known for her role as Regina Mills/Evil Queen, but has had notable roles on Swingtown, Miami Medical, Chase, Boomtown, 24, Six Feet Under, the Defenders, Medium, Spiders, Covert Affairs, the Double Life of Eleanor Rigby, Lost, Windfall (don’t watch unless you’re okay with a Regina like character being left on an eternal cliff hanger), One Last Ride, Frozen Stars (oh god that one was just- my heart), Spin City, NYPD Blue, The Shield, Grown Ups, JAG, Very Mean Men and has recently been hated on so let’s take a look at who she really is.

Lana is a proud Latina

Lana is the type of person who when she hears a tragic heart felt inspiring fan story she starts to cry



Lana is devoted to her fans, and will take pictures with them anywhere, even when she’s on vacation

She is also always extremely grateful for any gifts her fans send her


She supports Swan Queen, Outlaw Queen, Evil Regals in general

And she’s an amazing daughter, sister, niece, wife, aunt, and step-mother to all these folks she’s lucky enough to call family

Lana Parrilla is a good person, she is not her character who is a good person too but not everyone agrees and hating on a real person is called bullying which is frowned upon by the whole Once cast and fandom and you should really take a look at yourself if you’re going to hate on people.