For some bizarre reason, upon God Tiering, players suddenly have nail polish that never, ever comes off, and if they try to paint over it with a different colour, it doesn’t work. The nail polish is their text colour, unless it’s the same as their nails would be without polish, in which case it’s their aspect colour, unless those two are the same, in which case it’s a different personal colour, unless that doesn’t work either, in which case it’s just white or black.

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Makoharu is something that happened to me. I wasn’t going to ship anyone. But I realized that Makoto and Haru’s interactions just screamed “married couple” to me.

this is what i said just now, in a recent post.

i’m not a yaoi fangirl. i remember watching episode 1 of season 1 and seeing makoto go into haru’s bathroom and pull him out of the tub, and i thought 'lol, they're holding hands!! i see, this is a show that's going to have lots of shipping hints between the male characters. these two are going to be the best friends who have cute romantic hints thrown in, to excite the yaoi fangirls.' little did i know that i myself would eventually turn into an obsessed makoharu fangirl…



  • Shine Like Stars + Back to Stars - Jumpthisship’s works are always excellent. Shine Like Stars was amazing, because it embodied so many aspects of adolescence and the frivolity of boyhood that I, as a little straight girl, could relate to 100%. The whole fic, other than having had impeccable grammar, had a fairytale-esque feeling to it that I absolutely adored. It was a perfect mixture of romance and angst and humor, and the ending left off on just the perfect note of optimism. Back to Stars was equally as excellent. The OC’s were so lovable, and it was so lovely to see Kyungsoo all grown up and giving his campers the advice that he himself was given. Oh, the wonders of camp!au T_T
  • I’ll Never Let You Go - Probably my most recced fic, and for a reason. I’ve read this fic so many times I could probably quote from it. Maybe not. But lord, Jongin is just so endearing and I honestly cried a lot man. I loved Kaisoo’s hyung/dongsaeng dynamic, and their relationship progressed so smoothly. Also, this fic tackles its issue so well… oh Jongin T_T_T_T
  • Seven of Swords - Literally my first Kaisoo fic. SoS was just… beautifully horrific. TBH I’m not really clear if Jongin had some multiple personality disorder or if it was something more supernatural than that, but this fic is probably one of the darkest fics I’ve ever read. The notes Kaisoo exchanged, the thoughts running through Jongin’s mind, were all so poetic and heartwrenching and the whole thing was just so tragic!! I cried.
  • Always By Your Side - This fic makes me so so happy I used to read it like once a week just as a pick me up. This is so cute and so lovely!! Kid!Kyungsoo is the most endearing thing you’ll ever read and Jongin’s character makes me so so happy. So well written and cute just kyAAAAA
  • Fall Into Place - The ending oohooo!! This fic was just so exciting to read. Like, sexual tension so palpable you could taste it? Anyway, my heart was sufficiently shaken by this fic. Sports kaisoo will remain one of my fave things ever. 
  • Homesick (For Your Arms) - Kitty!AU and honestly, my favorite. Who doesn’t love writer Jongin? And cute Kitty!soo playing in a playground?? SO CUTE KYAAA and then it gets like, SAD??!?! Oh god it’s just a rollercoaster of emotions and I swear Kais just gets better and better at writing with every fic T_T Also funny story I cry everytime.
  • Arbitrage - Do I even need to write a review? (A+ to the most complex storyline ever and for hot sex on cars and for top!soo)
  • Anterograde Tomorrow - I’m not even gonna
  • A Beast in Repose - nope
  • Love From Last Night - This fic reawakened my love for bookstores and a good cliché. It’s so romantic and basically my dream?? The characters were all so charming and well written! 
  • Off to the Races - You know that feeling you get when you think about the world ending and stuff like that? That’s the feeling I had the entire time I was reading this. Cold doctor Kyungsoo is fave. Dancer Jongin who really really needs cold doctor Kyungsoo is also fave. The emotions I felt during this are a thing to behold. Excellent.
  • Finest Thing in History - I haven’t read this in a while but I think about it like once a week?? Like, the CEO of CEO!AU’s. The mood of this fic is very somber, but the emotions are so fucking real. 
  • Kaleidoscope - I’ve read this fic five times in it’s entirety, and every time I do, it hits me once again how fucking beautiful it is. The progression, repeated color motif, the happy fluff scenes and the sad sad scenes just AUGH. Lovely. 
  • A Thousand Septembers - Pain on a whole new level. I’m such a fan of jaded characters who become happy again like! I don’t even have anything to say. I cried so much. This Jongin is my favorite. 
  • Forever Starts When the Lights Go Out - Jongin proposes to Kyungsoo so many times like how can Soo be so strong if Jongin asked me to marry him today I would’ve fucking married him yesterday. AND THEN THEy’RE IN EXO TOGETHER AAUGH
  • Maybe In Hell, There Is a Heaven - There’s something so so sad about this fic. POW Jongin and Officer Kyungsoo… I’m such a sucker for forbidden relationships like. God just their entire situation is tragic and then the /ending/!! This was so well written and descriptive I can feel my soul leaving. 
  • Can’t Fight (the Moonlight) - my ultimate favorite wolf!au. Hopelessly infatuated Jongin is my favorite. Curledupkitten is my favorite. So much sexual tension and internal monologuing it’s all so lovely and interesting bYE
  • Turns on a Dime - It’s gone now, but this is one of the best written fics out there. It’s Jongin-centric, where he travels between two dimensions: one where his daughter is dead but Kyungsoo is alive, and one where Kyungsoo is dead but his daughter is alive. You can probably tell that I cried a lot. The whole thing is just so angry and heartbreaking and then there’s Sehun and that’s just a whole world of pain. RIP this fic.
  • Thunderbirds - God all the /colors/. I loved this. The plotline itself took my breath away, but the way the author weaved colors into her words made the whole fic feel so ethereal. This is what I mean when I say I love complex lots and lots of imagery. This fic. The whole thing just felt a mix of historical and urban fantasy/mythology mixed in with a tradition and culture so deep you could actually imagine yourself there. Lovely.
  • Are You Going to Age With Grace? - You get the sads, that’s for sure. I’m a sucker for onesided romance and my heart hurts every single fucking time.
  • Zodiac / Summer Children- Every update was an adventure. I’m a huge ATLA fan so this was so so exciting. Lord, I remember when the first chapter was published, i couldn’t even believe. Fandom prayer for an update within the next five years!
  • Don’t Say Goodnight - GOD JUST GIVE ME FAMILY!AU Idk there’s just something about pregnant wife Kyungsoo that makes me so emotional. Also, written by my queen uponinfinity sO also Pearl Harbor AU SO


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