SO today, September 5th, 2013.. I awoke at 5 am to drive with my friend almost 3 hours to Toronto so we could wait in line for Tom Hiddleston’s movie premiere. 

After the long 10 hour wait (and meeting some really awesome people ) I was able to meet this man. 

At this time I was in tears, shaking and an emotional wreck because the man that gave me hope and inspiration was standing right before me. Now only did he sign my photo of him he spoke to me and my friend because he saw how exhausted we were and was surprised to see we had waited this long for him.

So when he was about to move to the next group I quickly gave him the Loki necklace i made and asked for a hug.. unfortunately he said he did not have time for many hugs but that he could kiss me.

so. Tom Hiddleston kissed my hand and gave me his smolder look which made me almost faint. (the last photo is their expressions to my reaction as they were leaving) 

Tom Hiddleston is such a kind person. He made up for a shitty year I had. He gives me faith that not all guys are hurtful.

Tom Hiddleston is the bomb. 

“I’m sick of it—these zombies, what they’ve done to the world, their fear of their own imaginations..” - The most beautiful thing about this film is seeing there is more to life than being a zombie, and that the imagination is beautiful #onlyloversleftalive #love