So this is the commission for Atlas290.

I spent quite some time working on it and made quite few changes here and there, but I hope it was what was asked. ^^ I had fun and anger working on this, but overall I learned new things aand how to not manage folders, there are different versions out of it, but I will only upload the decent ones here on my blog ;3

There will be animated version out of it in couple days ^^ (Well depending how private Atlas wants to keep them.)

Original size 3000x5000 pixels. ^^

I thank Atlas for commissioning me to do this!


I usually don’t post  anything about my occ, because it is very rare that I like my own characters, but two months ago I have been designing two of my occ,  and finally they look like I had imagined. (this is just a wip) i still don’t have a story for them or anything, i  just have their names (luka and aldred respectively) i didn’t even know what gender they are!

Dark Mega Talia! Still not her final design though so its not really good, I’m still thinking of alternatives :C


Talia used to have a very (sexually) abusive trainer as a Kirlia, so as she grew up into a Gardevoir, her understanding of affection became perverse and twisted and she eventually kills her trainer with her “love”.

She absorbs the mega key she took off his corpse and can only evolve into a corrupted version of her mevo.


Еще один мой новый персонаж - Квик Твит (Quick Tweet).Она обожает птичек и очень быстро болтать,немного нагловатая и слишком оптимистична.

И да,Квик не имеет никакого отношения к Твиттеру,в котором я не могу уже больше года хотя б зарегаться.