• TA (to me and my friends):If you touch a boy, you'll get pregnant and die
  • Me:What happens when you touch a nonbinary person? haha
  • TA:You get hipster disease
  • Me Um-
  • Friend:And if you touch a cis person, you get Boring as Fuck Syndrome
  • (high five)
Naughty Boy defends #FreePalestine tweet with Zayn Malik

Producer Naughty Boy admits he and One Direction’s Zayn Malik sent tweets with the hashtag #FreePalestine, not because they are Muslim but because they are “humanitarian”.

Zayn Malik was criticised about his decision to send the tweet last Sunday to his 13 million followers.

But despite comments from fans and the media the singer did not delete it.

Naughty Boy, who’s 29, said artists had a “responsibility” to speak out on Twitter.

The producer, whose real name is Shahid Khan, has been working with One Direction on new track One Chance to Dance and happened to be in the studio with Zayn Malik.

"We did a simultaneous tweet," he told the Asian Network. "We were together a couple of nights ago watching the news and saying how terrible [the conflict between Israel and Hamas] is and we live in a world where all this happens."

Naughty Boy’s track with Sam Smith, La La La, got to number one in the Official Singles Chart and has had more than 350 million views on YouTube.

It was also nominated for a Brit Award and won best song and best video at the Mobo Award’s 18th Anniversary.

The musician from Watford has also worked with Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Emeli Sande and Katy Perry.

"It’s not about being Muslim it’s about being a humanitarian," he said. "If you look at the reaction it has had 250,000 re-tweets and about 90% of those comments are positive."

The producer became friends with Malik after meeting at the Brit Awards.

He says they have a lot in common, like “being Muslim and being from a Pakistani working-class background”.

He said: "We are educated on the subject and the history of Palestine; so we have a responsibility as we are creating an awareness about highlighting children dying. Zayn’s biggest fan base is teenage girls so it’s good to highlight."

His tweet prompted a response from upset One Direction fans in Israel using the hashtag #ZaynYouHaveFansinIsrael.

Naughty Boy denied he was taking sides in the conflict.

He said: "It’s just more about being a human being. If I saw that going on in Israel, the amount of women and children being killed, that is just too shocking."

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Skylar: Stop! Stop! You don’t understand! I’m not a boy or girl, I’m nonbinary! I’m different!

[Timothy and Krystal conference, pull out an Other sign]

Timothy: Here

Krystal: We have a sign for you!

[Hands Skylar the sign]

Skylar: Is that all I am? An other? Someone so unimportant that I don’t get my own gender identity on a form? Someone so insignificant that I can’t use the bathroom without lying about who I am? I will not stand for this! I AM nonbinary! I am proud! I am unique! All I want is for people to understand me!

[Skylar pushes Timothy and Krystal, rips the Other sign]

I will not be forced into your gender boxes! Gender is a broad spectrum that should not just be forced into two categories! Your societal norms will not break me!

[Timothy and Krystal slowly bring signs back up. Skylar rips the signs.]

What don’t you get? Why aren’t you listening? Wearing a dress one day doesn’t make me a girl and wearing a bowtie the next day doesn’t make me a boy. It doesn’t matter what bathroom I use. I am nonbinary. I don’t have to fit in a category. I just have to be me. And only I can define what that is. There is nothing wrong with who I am. The only thing that’s wrong is you two being so closeminded.

—  An Excerpt of ‘Other Meets World’ - A scene that I wrote and is acting in for my theater camp (I play Skylar, obvi)

"That’s not a sports car"


If you are TRANSGENDER/NONBINARY any of that sort and don’t mind filming yourself saying the following, then read the following please!!!! If you do this, please send me the video, it doesn’t have to be high quality or perfect or great or anything okay thank u!!!

take small pauses in between each little section so that i can edit it easier

"Hi, my name is ________ and I am ______[your gender identity]."

"I knew i was _____[you’re gender identity] when i was ____ [age you realized] and i came out last_____ [ex;may, december, week, year] [or if you have not come out publicly then just say you haven’t come out publicly]"

"My family took the news ___[well, not good, splendid, crappy etc]"

"The biggest problem im overcoming/overcame is ______ [tell a bit about your problems as being your gender identity]"

"to me, being _____[your gender identity] is _______ [just tell a little bit of what your gender is and means]"

"some negative things people have called me, are ______ [you don’t have to do this part if it’s upsetting to think about that]"

say a little bit of something maybe encouraging other nonbinary people to feel more accepted and stuff, that will make help them get through some stuff.

PLEASE do this you will be credited in the video and i really want this to be something big, i understand if you don’t want too, also, if you dont want your face in the video, i can definately work with just an audio recording. thank u so much cuties!!!! Send the video to THIS FACEBOOK ACCOUNT https://www.facebook.com/idonot.care.923 (i know missleading forwardslash) but that is my facebook, if you don’t have a facebook, add it on tumblr with the #ABetterUnderstanding THANK YOU SO MUCH please signal boost this even if you aren’t trans or non binary!!!