Knitting Fic Recs

That’s right. A whole post for my favourite Supernatural and Supernatural RPF fics about knitting. And that’s not a typo for knotting; I’m in a crafty mood :)

Tchaikovsky’s Another One Bites the Dust by uschickens

Apparently Hell for John Winchester was being trapped for eternity in a one-bedroom apartment with the thing that had killed his wife and systematically destroyed his life. And, not that Hell had bothered to ask it, that was pretty much the Demon’s idea of eternal misery, too.

(The one with the knitting. And a little bit of whittling.)

Why this is awesome: It has John and Azazel having a crocheting/knitting battle in hell.

Start with a Slipknot by architeuthis

Jared’s just in town to beg for table scraps. That was the plan, before he met Misha. Jared/Misha.

Why this is awesome: It’s totally sexy, especially how Misha makes a scarf out of werewolf!Jared’s fur.

Big Yellow Taxi by anonymous

Jared was once the world knitting champion, but after a tragic accident in the 2004 Woolympics where he dislocated his thumb, his speed and coordination was never the same and he was forced to retire. He moved back to his hometown in Texas to work at his parent’s yarn shop, but he swore off knitting and hasn’t purled another stitch since.

Osric has just moved into town and needs a new hobby. He wants to learn how to make those knitted animal hats with ear flaps. Jared tries to fob Osric off by pointing him towards knitting pattern books but Osric keeps bringing in his sad attempts at hats and Jared just can’t help telling him where he went wrong and showing him how to do it right.

Along the way Jared rediscovers his love of knitting and finds himself falling for this quirky newcomer. Jared/Osric. WIP

Why this is awesome: The amount of knitting detail is fantastic and it’s wonderfully slow building.

In Time by lazy-daze

Sam takes up knitting to distract himself from his newly installed Wall.

Why this is awesome: The relationship between the brothers is lovely and too sweet. Also has some wonderful accompanying art by radiophile.