You are not a nobody. Even if you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, you belong in a fandom, a family. 5SOS is not the only band to have ever expressed their gratitude and love for their fans, but this is a prime example. While life can sometimes get hard, just know that you have so many people rooting for you. You are so important to tons of people, so don’t give up. Stay strong and keep rockin on

Ships and Rates yo

im pretty bored and i feel like being nice to all my lovely followers who probably hate me but ya know


  • you dont have to follow me but it would be great
  • reblog this please
  • have an about me or face page or describe yourself to me
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what you get:

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if this gets no notes i will probably die of embarassment :(


5sos sings Happy Birthday to Liam Payne, August 29th, Soldier Field

please dont steal*