Airports (5SOS Preference)

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5SOS Preference Airport

Luke: You stood outside the arrivals gate, having been guided to the front of the pack by some really nice fans who had been waiting for the boys. As soon as they had caught eye of you trying to see over 20 people’s head they had grabbed your arm and dragged you with them to stand right by the railing that separated the 5SOS fam from the people leaving customs. You made a mental note to have Luke talk to the girls who had helped you and then returned your restless attention back to the door.

Your knee was bouncing up and down as you waited anxiously, your eyes continually flicking between the door and the board that still read “Flight A798 from UK- In Customs.” It had been three months since you had seen Luke and, if you were being honest, you were desperate to hug him right now.
Even if you hadn’t been able to see the door, you would have known when the boys arrived because there was a huge uproar among the fans crowded around the rails, people screaming and waving at them. Your heart was beating a mile a minute and you could literally hear the blood rushing through your ears as you watched your boyfriend and three best friends walk out the door. They were here. In person. In front of you. Maybe 30 feet away.

They all had huge smiles on their faces and you watched Luke’s crystal blue eyes scan the crowd for you, his toothy grin flashing everywhere. As you stepped into the aisle towards the grinning boys, it felt like your legs were pulling you to Luke at their own accord.
The minute he looked up and saw you, his eyes widened and he dropped his bag, your legs breaking into a full on sprint as Luke held his arms out to prepare to catch you. You jumped onto him, wrapping your arms around his neck and locking your ankles behind his back, and he clutched onto you, spinning in a circle as your momentum took him around, both of you giggling like crazy.
“Oh my god,” he chuckled disbelievingly, slowing to a stop and letting you put your feet on the ground but still not relenting his grip on you. He pulled away, cupping your cheeks with his massive hands and placing feather light kisses over every inch of your face as you giggled.
“I missed you so much,” he murmured for your ears only as he pulled away, pushing your hair away from your face and just looking at you.
“I missed you too,” you replied, clutching your fingers into the lapels of his flannel and finally standing on your tiptoes to press your lips to his for the first time in three months.

Michael:  You had a serious love-hate relationship with airports. Normally they were fun. They were the lead in to big adventures and great new places. But ever since you started dating Michael, they had become a place of severance.

You didn’t want to say goodbye. You knew it was a matter of minutes before Michael got on this flight and left you for four months and you really didn’t want to let go of his hand. You were standing outside the gate with Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton, the boys all making jokes and talking about how great this tour was going to be. You were trying to make light of the situation but you could feel tears building up in your eyes and you continually fixed your gaze on a spot on the floor.
“Are you okay?” Michael whispered in your ear, his fingers clutching around yours a little tighter. You sniffed, trying to make sure you didn’t cry, before pulling a smile onto your face and looking up to meet Michael’s eyes, forcing yourself to nod.
“I’m fine,” you choked out. Michael chuckled sadly, shaking his head.
“No you’re not,” he murmured, and you looked back to the ground, gulping to try and get the harsh lump out of your throat. Michael watched you tentatively for a moment and when he heard the choked sob you let out, he cracked.

“Oh (Y/N), come here babe,” he cooed and he pulled you into his arms, clutching onto you tightly and rocking back and forth. You let the tears fall and allowed yourself to sob, burying your nose in Michael’s shirt and just crying.
“I know this is going to suck,” Michael murmured, his voice getting kind of thick. He took a deep breath, trying to make sure that he wouldn’t cry too because he was positive that would just make you even more upset. “But I love you so damn much and I know we can do this, okay?” You nodded, getting a little bit of control over yourself.
“We would now like to invite passengers in first class seating on flight G334 to New York to board. Again, first class passengers to board flight G334 to New York,” the announcer called.
“That’s me baby,” Michael murmured. You nodded, pulling back and looking at him.
“I love you (Y/N). You know that right?” He asked, gently wiping the tears off of your cheeks and looking into your teary eyes. You nodded, sniffing softly.
“I love you Michael,”
“Michael! Come on mate, we gotta board,” Ashton murmured apologetically, gesturing towards the door. Michael turned to you, clutching onto your shoulders and looking you in the eyes, his eyes slightly red rimmed.
“We can do this,” he said confidently, nodding reassuringly.
“We can do this,”

You leaned your head on Calum’s shoulder, eyes tiredly watching the current chaos of the airport. You were trying to get to Calum’s home in Australia after spending a week on vacation but due to a huge snowstorm in New York you were sitting on the floor, the airport overrun with people trying to find hotels and reschedule flights.
Calum had tried for a while to find a hotel for the two of you but after seeing how overwhelmed the airport employees were with all the disgruntled travelers and receiving countless rejections, he had given up and the two of you set up camp by an outlet, your returned suitcases piled up around you like a little wall.

You had been trying to get back in time for Christmas but with so many delays, it was suddenly Christmas Eve and you were on the itchy, uncomfortable floor of an airport with no flight, no place to stay, and no Christmas spirit.
“What an adventure this is huh baby?” Calum chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Mm,” you hummed in response, too tired and exasperated to even form a response. Calum took hold of your hand, running his thumb over the back of it as he looked around at the other tired travelers, every one of them in the same position you two were.
“Do you want to try to find a hotel in the city or do you want to just sleep on the floor in the airport?” Calum murmured, leaning in to be sure you could hear him over the bustling people. His voice sounded so lovely…
“I really just want to sleep,” you replied, your voice heavy with exhaustion.

“Okay,” Calum chuckled. “We can be like Tom Hanks in that movie The Terminal,” he finished, adjusting the overpriced, touristy blanket he had bought from the airport gift shop over the two of you. You gave a weak chuckle at Calum’s joke but didn’t have the energy to answer him.
“Hey baby?” Calum whispered a few moments later after glancing at the time on his phone. You hummed again, clearly on the edge of passing out, and Calum chuckled.
“Merry Christmas,” he murmured before you drifted off to sleep on the airport floor.

Ashton: “Do I have to go?” Ashton whined, dragging behind you as you walked through the airport to his gate.

“Yes you big baby,” you replied, pulling insistently on his arm but he was very set in going as slow as possible. You continued on for another minute, pulling a pouting Ashton slowly through the airport, before getting fed up and huffing to a stop.

“Ash please, you’re going to be late,” you pleaded, incredibly exasperated with your husband.

“Good,” he grumbled.

“Babe, it’s your job. I promise we’ll be right here, safe and sound when you get back. But if you don’t walk any faster then you’re going to miss your flight,” Ashton completely planted himself, stomping his feet resolutely to the ground.

“Good. I don’t want to get on the flight,” Ashton declared, now in complete protest. You stopped pulling on him, letting go of his hand and pressing your fingers to your temples. It was days like these you felt like you were raising a child instead of dealing with your husband.

“Why not Ashton? Everything’s going to be okay, just get on your damn flight and go to work,” you groaned and Ashton clammed up, neither of you two saying anything to each other for a few moments.

“I don’t want to miss anything,” Ashton finally murmured softly and you looked up at him, your eyes suddenly filled with sadness.

“It’s just, I-“ Ashton started, taking a step forward. “I’m not going to be there for the first kick. Or any of your appointments. Or when we find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but I love my family more. And you and this baby mean the fucking world to me. And if something happens to either of you while I’m away I don’t know what I’ll-“ his voice cracked and he stopped before he started sobbing.

“Ash, baby,” you murmured, sliding your fingertip up and down his arms. “It’s going to be okay. I know this sucks but we’ve got to do this. You’ve got to go be a rock star for us okay?” you murmured, trying to get him to look you in the eyes but he kept his head bowed, his gaze fixed on the floor, and he sniffed.

“You’re going to be so huge when I get back,” he chuckled, looking up at you right as a tear slipped down his cheek. You giggled sadly, wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb.

“Yeah but you’ll love me anyways right?” you joked.

“Well…” Ashton joked and you gasped, hitting his chest lightly as he chuckled. “No, no baby I was joking! I’ll love you twice as much. Because you’re giving me a child and you’re my family and I love you more than anything in the whole wide world,” You blushed a little, looking down at your fingers intertwined with Ashton’s.

“Stop being so mushy Irwin and let’s get you on this plane,”

“Right behind you Irwin,”

The music started as the boys and I ran on stage for our interview with Ellen, the screaming picked up just a little as each of us came into view. The interview went along as normal, Ellen asked us about our album, our tour, our friendship, the usual.

"So guys, celebrity crushes? Anyone?" "Luke’s got one, don’t ya lad!?" Michael yelled laughing. I face-palmed, looking back up at Ellen, "Who is it Luke?" She smirked. "Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!" The crowd started chanting. "Okay, okay. I’ll tell you…" I looked over at the boys and the crowd "(y/n)." I said, the blush creeping up my face. The boys hooted and hollered, giggling and looking over at me. "So Luke." I looked up. "What if I told you (y/n) was backstage right now?" "Oh god, is she?" I said sitting up straight. "Come on out (y/n)!" Ellen yelled, the music kicking in once more.
(y/n) came into view, she smiled doing a little dance and running over to hug Ellen. “Hello, Hello, Hello!” She said to Ellen, the audience and us, earning a murmur of laughs from the crowd. “So uh, Ellen.” She said, “yeah?” Ellen hummed. “Where am I supposed to sit?” She said awkwardly standing between Ellen and us. “Well, uh, you can sit on Luke.” Ellen smirked, shooting her a wink. (y/n) looked down at me awkwardly, and shimmied down onto my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist, hearing the crowds oo’s and aw’s. “Oh my gosh, please you guys!! Just get together already!” Ellen yelled, a loud laugh erupting from the audience.
“So we have commercial break in a couple minutes but, I’d like to announce something.” Ellen said standing up. “If we can raise $ 100,000 dollars for charity, these two love birds will go on a date.” She smiled as the bell rang singling the break.
“I hope you two don’t mind what I did out there.” Ellen said crabbing a donut. “No, no it’s fine.” (y/n) and I said together.
The break was over as Ellen returned to the stage. “So I know it’s only been a couple minutes but I’d like to check the (y/n) and Luke fund.” She said and the screen flashed to the web page. “Oh my god.” She said, looking out to the crowd. The goal had already been surpassed by $ 1,000. “Luke, (y/n) come here!” She yelled for us, we ran on stage looking back at the counter. “I guess we’re going on a date.” I smirked over at (y/n). She nodded smiling at me then looking over at Ellen.

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