The D.B. Cooper Job- Leverage Marathon

This is season five episode six. This is the one where they time travel. And Eliot and Parker finally make out! And Hardison rocks an accent and Eliots got a pornstach and Mcsweeten. Okay, so you know the drill. Sit yo ass down and watch it. Then bring yo ass to tumblr and post it (it being your feelings/thought/comments). That is all.

For those of you not blessed with the hard copy seasons of Leverage here is a helpful link: I prefer back to the drawing board. It’s more hopeful.

If you don’t like those options try searching google like so: watch leverage The D.B. Cooper Job online

You’ll also find it on Hulu and Netflix.

my favorite thing about leverage is that all the other criminals on the show think that the leverage crew is super hardcore and ruthless and pulls all sorts of impossible, shady jobs but actually they’re a bunch of well-intentioned nerds who do the equivalent of pro-bono cases