Join us as we celebrate our beloved show and wrap up our Leverage Marathon! This weekend we’ll be livestreaming a double feature of the first ever and last ever Leverage episodes, and you’re all invited to watch along with us! The first showing is this Friday (December 19th) at 7pmPST/10pmEST - find out when this is in your time zone here - with a second showing this Saturday (December 20th) at 2pmEST/7pmGMT - find out when this is in your time zone here. Put on your comfiest sweatpants, Leverage fans, get your snacks and thief juice ready, and let’s go steal a finale!

I just like how the entire FBI are convinced Hardison and Parker are actual FBI agents like I want Agent McSweeten to come up to them and go “Hey I took the liberty to renew your badges for you” and give them actual badges because it’s been 5 years and Hardison and Parker have helped capture countless bad guys for the FBI and the FBI are convinced that any reason they aren’t showing up is because of a computer glitch so Hardison and Parker get legitimate official badges