spectralprince said:

Adorned in his newer summer outfit consisting of a dark grey hooded vest and a black v neck, with a white bandana covering his face in place of the scarf, Jett knocked softly on the door to Noir's club. While his left hand gently knocked his right held a small box wrapped with a tiny bow. "Mabel?" Jett asked quietly. "Mabel it's Jett, I have a surprise for you!" He called a bit louder. Jett smiled a bit as he scuffled his feet, waiting for her to answer.

The moment he finished speaking, the sound of someone frantically sprinting to the door gradually became louder. The door almost slammed open, presenting a panting Mabel, who totally didn’t just run to answer the door. Mabel saw the feet at the doorstep as she collected her breathe, pulling herself back up, acting as casually as possible like the cool kid she was not. Mabel stood up straight, a bit caught off guard by the outfit change. She unintentionally paused a bit before speaking, taking in the new look. Her face faintly glowed for a moment upon seeing the new wardrobe; she shook it off quickly and brought herself back to reality.

"…Hi Jett." she finally answered. "A surprise you said?" Mabel looked down at the decorated box in his hand.
"A box? I mean I guess that’s kinda surprising. I don’t think boxes are really inherently surprising, though..” Mabel was still learning.

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Mabel heard a knock at her door when the world outside was dark and rushed to see who it was, but when she got there, no one was around. When she turned to look at the door however she saw a small note. It read: “Meet me at the wall? -J”
When Mabel made her way to the wall she was greeted by Jett standing by the ladder with a rose in his hand. “Hi,” he said quietly to her with a smile, his scarf fluttering in the wind. “Come with me someplace?” He tilted his head to the side, asking if she’d join him.
When she accepted, he handed her the rose and they climbed the wall together again, and when they finally reached the top Mabel stepped out into the clear night and was able to see that dozens of candles were laid out across the wall, with a large blanket in the center with a small picnic basket. “Surprise,” Jett said quietly from behind her.

The day had already been really fun for Mabel, like a little adventure of surprises he had laid out for her. The trip to the wall was much less intimidating in the dark now that she knew the way. Upon reaching the top she was met with the gorgeous display Jett had set up. She immediately put her hands over her mouth, a big dumb smile rising underneath. Her eyes widened as they took in the new look of the wall. She turned around to Jett, finally speaking. “Jett- Jett did you do all of this? This is amazing! How would you even- and the- oh my gosh I love it.” Mabel was bouncing with excitement like a kid in a candy store.