Is it too late?

Sinopse: Quanto é importante pra você o que outros pensam? Manter uma pose vale qualquer preço, até mesmo magoar aquela pessoa que você ama? Querer ser coisa que não pode ser pode trazer consequências para todos especificamente a você. A vida pode mudar de uma hora pra outra pras uns mudaria pro bem outros talvez não! Esperar o tempo passar às vezes é a única solução para todos os problemas dela. “Ninguém é o mesmo de um ano atrás, se for tá com defeito.”
                                “O sentimento não morreu, cansou.”

Sigla: ITL

Escrita por:  Yanca , minha Parceira Karina

Status: Em Breve.

Obs : Fanfic meia adaptada .. Pois há uma continuação da minha parte.



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MAJOR THROWBACK to 2011 with my main @manpreetsethi24 AKA Bossethi. I finally dug this up and voila! #Memories #ChhodDoAanchal #ITL #ITLSchool #TBT #Throwback #ThrowbackThursday #dance

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I see a lot of people doing this when attacking the rack. I’ve seen it work very well for stronger players who build up a full head of steam when attacking the rack.
If this is something you want to try, keep this in mind…when you bring the ball strong over the top…don’t bring the ball back down to your waist before you explode into the air. If you do, ppl like me are always looking to reach and poke the ball lose. And if you keep the ball high, the finish on the rim will be a lot softer.
Kyrie Irving is one of many who does this…he’s just made it popular to me. I’ve seen Stanley Johnson do it, Lebron…jaylen brown….and a lot of times they will all dunk out of it. Don’t knock it…just try it…may work for ya
#itl #inthelab #share #basketball #ballislife

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Refuse the screen from the wing, kick out to the top.
I watched this happen 3 times in the last 2 weeks in nba summer league. I saw mark price do it so I thought it would be helpful to some of you.
The defense is designed to protect the house/rim , so if you can refuse the screen from the wing, a lot of the times there will be an open man right there at the top if he slides up from the opposite wing. May seem complicated to some of you but I’ll show more examples of it.
It always helps to know where you can get easy assist from. Makes the game easy.
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