im gonna write a fake hannibal episode that has the same style and tone and substance of a real one for reasons and so far i have determined the anatomy of a hannibal episode is:

  • symbolic murder
  • empathy sequence
  • hannibal and will engage in dialectic discussions and eyefucking
  • jack is intense 
  • alana is concerned
  • hannibal is a dick 
  • someone suffers/dies bc hannibal is a dick
  • dog
  • will sweats
  • dramatic irony 
  • body horror
  • team sassy science does sass and science
  • #2bougie

im fuckin ready

Cynthia Nixon plays Kade Prurnell, which is an anagram of Paul Krendler, who was the Ray Liotta character in the Ridley Scott version of Hannibal. So, who knows, are we gonna eat Cynthia Nixon’s brain while she’s still conscious sometime in season 3? Maybe, or maybe it’ll be worse.
—  Bryan Fuller in the Mizumono commentary