In case you missed it yesterday Wizards of the Coast announced a new line of products. These products are based on the Temple of Elemental Evil story that some of you older grognards will recognize. For those of you that aren’t as ancient as some of us you can find it here. There was also a Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil ( here ). Now it is getting redressed for the 5e ruleset. I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about this.

  • Neverwinter: Elemental Evil which is a new module for their MMORPG. For those of you that play, this new module introduces the Paladin class and ups the level cap to 70. They are also making it playable on the Xbox One. Time line for this simply says “Early 2015”
  • Princes of the Apocalypse, a new 5e module. This comes out 4/7/15. It is for characters levels 1-15. It also introduces new elemental spells and the Genasi as a playable race.
  • A new line of miniatures
  • Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game
  • A FREE downloadable pdf of player content from the Princes of the Apocalypse. There will also be more new playable races. This will be in mid March, just in time for the new Adventures League. (Also just in time for PAX East… oh man do I hope they have a big preview/release there like they did for Tyranny)
  • Don’t forget the new GM screen, and unpainted resin miniatures that drop at the start of March