its becoming really tedious to find new material to post; the dexter tag is dead and it takes a lot of time to go back and reblog from my archives. therefore i think im going to set up a huge queue with all of the stuff saved from my computer (mostly screencaps and some gifs that ive just found on google and saved throughout the years), and whatever pops up in the dexter tag. And whenever that stuff runs out, ill keep the blog up for anyone that wants to continue to check it out and maybe update every now and then, but  i just wont be posting on a regular basis anymore.

ill post another update of when the queue is getting near the end (im sure itll last for quite some time) and all that so i can have some proper closure. i just got a new job recently and i wish i could keep up with posting regularly but its becoming more a chore than anything because its difficult to find new stuff. 

thanks for sticking with my blog for the last few years! Hope you enjoy the remaining posts. 

Long Live Dexter.

Debra Morgan was a good cop, not just good at her job, but a GOOD cop, she cared about people, she cared about prostitutes being murdered, she cared about girls who survived sexual assault, she believed in the system, but when the system failed people she called it out and said FUCK THIS SHIT IT ISN’T RIGHT AND PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER Debra Morgan was the fucking hero of that show, the tragic hero, you better fucking believe

anonymous said:

I'm pretty sure it was Yvonne friend, Mercedes', wedding. She was in Chuck with Yvonne as a member of the CAT squad. Did you notice if Yvonne's boyfriend was with her? He's tan with dark brown hair. Just curious.

There was a lot of the Chuck cast with her there evidently. My cousin just kind of said “I loved you in Dexter, can I get a picture?” and Yvonne was just kind of like “Sure! Is that all you know me from?” and my cousin was like “Yeah? Sorry omg…” and then Yvonne like felt weird with the rest of the Chuck cast that was there because she was the only one who got recognized hahaha 

My cousin was all like “I promise I’ll start watching the show as soon as my wedding is over!!!” 

(I can see Mini Anden there in the background but I think it could’ve been Mircea Monroe who got married maybe? A few sources said she got secretly married this weekend with just a few close friends and family there but at the same time those stories have been updated today to say they were false? I dunno for sure…)


(that’s my cousin taking a picture with her)