anonymous said:

why do u think molly doesn't follow stana?

well people aren’t gonna like this, but let’s walk this through. molly follows literally every cast and crew member. stana follows molly. who is molly closest to on the cast? there’s your answer imo.

it’s awkward (i mean literally everything about it is awkward) bc they DO @ each other on a fairly regular basis. way more than SK and NF do … sooooo, why not just follow stana back? makes no sense. same for the “we don’t tweet each other so we can have more time to talk privately.” girl …. what? i like molly, but she’s weird on twitter, and she needs to calm down w/ NF.




Story time!

So a week ago, maybe, we found this flip phone in one of the changing rooms at work and we just put it on the back counter thinking someone would come back later for it but they didn’t and we forgot about it until today so me, my manager, and the district manager who was visiting today decided to get rid of it so we went to look through the contacts to find like ‘mom’ or ‘babe’ ? Or something just someone we could text who would know who this phone belonged to. No contacts. Only random phone numbers. So the district manager gets the idea to look through some texts to see if there was like a ‘Hi honey!’ text or whatever. We found some nasty ass sexts. A bunch of them. So we just found out who the provider was and went to a phone kiosk in the mall and asked them to contact the lady about her missing phone. About an hour later this little old lady comes in and asks me to help her, I’m like yea sure what do you need and she says I was told my lost phone was found here and I’m like …yup okay here you go. You sure this is yours? She opens it up and goes yup definitely mine! Thanks! And me and my manager just stand there like ???