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AUBREY PLAZA: In high school, I was obsessed with Saturday Night Live. At one point, I was trying to figure out, “How do people get on that show?” I was doing Internet research, and that was the first time I’d heard of UCB. When I moved to New York in 2003, I started going to the theater and watching all the shows.

I wound up doing an SNL showcase. It was a nightmare, and it was so hard. You have to do characters and impressions, so I did a Sarah Silverman impression, and I did a character I called “Spicy News Reporter.” She was this Latina woman who made tragic news seem spicy. So I was, like, salsa-dancing to all these terrible headlines.

     I feel like it went over well. But you never know. Lorne doesn’t laugh, so you don’t get feedback like that. And it was right when I got offered a role in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, so I jumped at the job and moved to L.A. I’d like to think that I would’ve been asked to do a callback, but I’ll never know. I don’t even know if Lorne would even remember I did it.

- From High-Status Characters

(Note: This clip is from Plaza’s pre-showcase warm-up performance at UCB’s New York theater)