Becoming One (A Trey and Bryah Short) Part 1

(Based from Trigga: The Story Behind the Beat)

Christmas Day 


The Smalls Residence

“Thanks once again for inviting my family for this lovely Christmas Dinner, Mama.”

“De nada!”

My mother, brother and I just arrived for Christmas Dinner with Bryah’s and her family. Immediately after ringing the doorbell we were engulfed with hugs and warm smiles. Everyone exchanged kind words and greetings and after a few more moments we were all escorted into the formal dining area. Some of Bryah’s extended relatives were already seated and surrounding the table.

“Bryah. I see you got everyone over here tonight.”

“Yes. Some of my cousins, aunts and uncles came from out of the town and state to eat with us. Everybody love Mama’s cooking. You and Mama April and Forrest ready?”

“Yes. I aint ate nothin’ all day and I’m beyond ready for something to eat.”

“Does Mama April really like Spanish food? I know Forrest loves it because you say he always eats it especially since he’s been away at college. This isn’t Taco Bell or Taco Bueno style.”

“Trust Mumma knows. She’s ready. Everything’s fine, baby. Don’t stress.”


“Just come over here closer so I can love up on my little baby.” After I said what I said she looked at me sideways and pouted.

“Bryah, why the face?”

“You’re not giving me that love though.”

“Yes I am. I’m referring to both my babies.  Now come here.” She walked closer towards me before I wrapped my hands around her waist pulling her in the rest of way. Taking my hand I placed it on belly rubbing softly. Ever since she shared the baby’s first kicks with me yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking or feeling the touch. Just like a fingerprint on my finger I still felt the tingling sensational of our baby’s movement across my hand hours later.

“Oh there you two are. Come on. Everybody’s ready to eat, Tremaine.”

“Okay Mumma. On our way.” Cupping my hand back around her side I proudly brought Bryah back towards everyone. I made sure she was seated carefully and I then took my spot directly besides her. After saying two sets of grace we dug into the delicious meal Bryah’s mom prepared. The various dishes all arranged with colorful seasonings and garnishments filled everyone up to capacity.  I honestly hadn’t eaten that much in weeks.

“Trey, we have so much more left. You and your family want anymore,” one of Bryah’s cousins inquired.

“I don’t know if we can eat anymore right now. I would love to have a to go plate though.”

“Trey! This aint no restaurant,” my mom shouted laughing at my request.

“I know…It’s better to be honest. But for real…hit me up with that to go plate.” For the next few minutes my mom and I playfully argued across the table. Everyone laughed at our banter and eventually joined in various conversations fueling the loving, high-spirited energy of the evening. Deciding that it wouldn’t be best to fall asleep after the meal everyone including the kids gathered around for round after hilarious round of Karaoke.

Plugging the short-corded microphone into the speaker we each took our turns singing our favorite tunes. The biggest singing highlights of the night came from the children singing their favorite songs and mine and Bryah’s off-key but colorful rendition of the newly released song “Drunk of Love” by Beyoncé.  Shortly afterwards, the kids were put to bed while the adults that hadn’t departed for the evening chatted amongst themselves.



“You ready for talk?”

“Yes. I think now’s a good time.”

Bryah and I looked at each other in confusion as to what our moms were discussing.

“Bryah what’s up? Anything wrong?”

“No… I mean not that I know of.”

Bryah’s mom motioned for me to follow her down the hall. I anticipated Bryah to follow suit however she didn’t. My mom decided to take her to the side for a private talk with her as well leaving Bryah’s dad, Forrest and the other family members remaining at the house behind in the living area.

As we walked down the hallway, I visually took in all of the scenery of family portraits. Smiling at the baby and grade school images of Bryah, I wondered if our baby would have more of her features, more of mine, or a perfect blend?




I sat down in what I’m assuming was Bryah’s old room. Before when we would visit we’d stay in one designated area because her mother insisted that it was necessary and that it was the only area presentable for guests to stay. Closing the creaky wooden door behind her she took a seat directly in front of me. She paused briefly before speaking. I hoped that I could understand her because as far as I knew she wasn’t very fluent in English. In choppy speech but a controlled tone she began mentally processing and translating the words she wanted to express to me.

"Trey. This is Bryah’s old room."

"Oh I see. It’s very pretty. It’s funny being in here seeing all of her childhood things."

"Yes…I brought you in here…because…because…uh…words…"

"Take your time Mama. I’m following."

"I brought you in here because…. I wanted… to show you real Bryah."


She smiled softly before continuing.

"Bryah’s a sweet girl. She miss you…she says in sleep."

"Really. I’ve never known Bryah to talk in her sleep though. She seems like she’s taking this better than me."

"No. She is happy and calm. But she is still lonely. When she little girl she dreamed of big things. She got it. But her biggest thing is you and now baby."

"It’s really the other way around. I got the biggest thing when I meet her. She’s my prize."

"Then treat her nice. Treat baby nice."

"I am mama."

"No you not Trey."

"I may have done some things in the past but I’m making for sure I amend all of those issues. I love your daughter and most importantly her family. The time away has made me realize all that I miss her immensely and that this could be what life is like without everyone."

"Good. I trust you. Don’t hurt Bryah third time. Will break neck if break her heart third time. "

"So wait…you know about…"

"Mother knows daughter."

"Did she tell you?"

"No. But I know. Her face was…uh…her face was…different at wedding. Not face of girl happy."


"But you have chance again. Don’t mess up."

"Yes ma’am."

"I cheer for you two. I want happy daughter, son and baby."

"Yes ma’am."

“In past I was mad. But no one perfect. I love you Trey.”

“I love you too mama. And you have my word. I will never do anything like what happened to hurt her or you again.”

She smiled widely and moved forward in an action that’d never occurred before between us until now. She hugged me. We embraced for a few moments before she let go wiping at her face.

"Aww mama. Please don’t cry."

" I sorry. Just happy," she said through a sniffled voice.

"It’s okay. Well lets wipe these tears so they won’t think anything bad happened."

I reached towards Bryah’s old dresser to find a box of Kleenex. Pulling one out I handed it to her and she gently dabbed at her eyes. Once she regained composure we left Bryah’s old room to return to the living area in which Bryah and my mom hadn’t returned yet either.

“Mama April is everything okay?”

“Yes Bryah. I just wanted to talk with you a for a little bit.”

“Oh okay.”

“So how are you feelin’?”

“Well I’m feeling okay for someone 6 months pregnant,” I said laughing softly.

“I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. The time is nearing! I’m so excited for you two.”

“Thanks Mama April. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time.”

“Oh baby it nothing to be nervous or scared about. You got all of your family members here for you and you have Trey’s host of relatives clamoring to meet this new addition soon.  As well as myself and your mom….I’m sure we will be fighting over grandma time.”

Laughing, “Yes. I know it’s going to be chaotic with everyone wanting to be around the baby at once. Shortly after I made my brief comment Mama April’s face turned serious.

“So Bryah. I really want to talk to you about how things are going on with you and Trey. I know that you all decided to separate for the moment and I’m okay with that.  I’d rather you make a positive change and attempt towards change than living with jumbled and hurt emotions. But I want to know if anything has changed or if there’s anything thing that you want to talk about that you can’t talk with Trey about?”

“Well. Trey and I have been communicating and we’ve made progress. We’re not all the way back to where we were but we’re definitely not at the point we fell to. As far things that I haven’t been able to tell him I’ve mainly kept to myself.”

“But baby you don’t have to. If it’s something that you don’t deem as too personal then I want you to feel welcome to talk. I won’t go back and confront Trey on anything. I don’t have a natural daughter but I consider you as one. You’re a beautiful and intelligent young woman and I’m proud of you. I love you Bryah.”

“Aww (sniffles) Mama April. You’re so sweet to me.  Thanks for being there for me.”

“No problem baby. I appreciate you and all that you’ve done for my son. I’m glad that he has a woman that doesn’t back down to his bull when he’s rightfully involved in it.”

Mama April pulled me in for warm embrace and wiped at the free falling tears that were rolling down my face. I’m normally not a weepy person but her words and genuine spirit brought all of the emotion out of me.  Once I fixed my face and makeup from the small joyous tear fest we joined back with the others in the living room.  Most of my family had already left for the evening leaving at this point. Trey my mother and father and Forrest were left laughing at the Christmas specials still in marathon on television.

“It’s bout time yall came from back there. I was starting to get worried.”

“Oh be quiet Trey. I just wanted to have a talk with my sweetheart of a daughter.”

“Mmhmm. So um, Bryah, I think we’re getting ready to leave. I know you need some rest and I feel that ‘itis coming back in rage. Yall gettin’ sleepy yet?”

“Trey you so stupid.”

“Shut up Forrest. You know yo ass bout snorin’ over there. I peeped that drool crustin’ at the corner of your mouth.”

“Trey just stop,” I said falling forward in laughter.

“Plus, I know Forrest has bored your dad with the conversation about random things.”

“On the contrary Trey, we’ve had a very informative and enlightening conversation. Bryah’s dad is very versed and knowledgeable in some of the same things that interest me,” Forrest replied back.

“Man ever since you went to college you been droppin’ these “studious” phrases and words on us. Sit down boy,” Trey said pulling Forrest under his arm playfully jabbing at his side.  Pulling them apart I signaled to my mother to pick my things up from the living room and move them back towards the guest bedroom. I walked them back towards the door and gave my salutations.

“Okay baby. I’ll call you when we make it home and I will see you again sometime soon.”

“Okay Trey. You all be safe and I’ll see you soon.” Oh and thanks once again for the talk Mama April.”

“No problem sweetie,” she replied back waving. I waved back towards them as they boarded their vehicle. Once the SUV disappeared down the street in darkness, I closed the door behind me happy and content that on Christmas Day we all were becoming one.  Couldn’t ask or wish for a better gift and blessing.

A/N Like 10 people requested another Bree Westbrook /Chris Brown imagine so yeah . 1 person asked for Chris to be a drug dealer in it so that’s the plot . Also i haven’t had the motivation to write my own sex scenes in a while so I’ve been taking scenes from
Literotica ™ .


" And If you know any information surrounding the murder of Charles Jackson , please call the crime stoppers hotline ." My heart dropped at the sound of that name . He was one of the guys that Chris did his deals with & also his friend . This was my worst nightmare becoming a reality . Chris sold weed in high school to buy the latest Jordans or whatever his heart desired . By the time we graduated he became a well known plug around the city . He had become so used to easy money & having material things he started selling big boy drugs , aka herion , crack , meth, etc . He didn’t care who bought it , just as long as he sold . At first I didn’t mind . We were living the lavish life . Huge house , nice cars , hell we were the envy of all our peers . But selling big drugs comes with bigger problems . It’s what comes with the territory . The most trouble chris got into for selling weed was a fist fight with a guy who tried to run off with an ounce . Now , people we knew were dropping off like flies . I feared Chris would be next . My heart raced as I dialed his number . I let out a sigh when I heard his sleepy voice on the other line .
” What’s up baby girl ?” Normally that would make me blush an embarrassing shade of red but this was a serious moment for me .
” Chris .. You need to come home .” I ordered .
” Bree what are you talking about I’m on my way home now .”
” Chris I mean for good . I don’t want you in these streets anymore.” I tried to put some base in my voice , he wouldn’t listen if I didn’t .
” Not this shit again .. I’ll talk to you later .” He said hanging up in my face . I threw the phone down not even attempting to call back . He would just ignore me . He doesn’t like confrontation. I paced back and forth in the kitchen until I heard his keys outside . He tried not to make eye contact with me as he closed the door and tried to walk to our bedroom , but I wasn’t having it . I pulled his arm .
” We need to talk .” I said firmly . He pulled his arm away .
” Bree I don’t wanna hear that shit tonight . Why can’t I just come home fuck my wife and go to sleep . Why you gotta nag me all the time? ” He asked .
” I’m sorry caring about your life is considered nagging . Did you catch the news tonight ? Charles was murdered !” When I told him that His facial expression didn’t change . He didn’t even blink . The streets made him cold .
” That nigga probably had it coming . He a hot head , always in the mix . He don’t listen to nobody .” He shrugged his shoulders walking off .
“That was your friend .. that could be you next . You have to stop .” I said barley audible . This set him off .
” If I stop who gone pay for that fucking range you begged for ? Who gone buy you them expensive ass clothes you always asking fa ? How the fuck ima afford that , take care of you ? Our kids ? WHAT THE FUCK IMA DO BREE ??!” He yelled at me . Before I could respond , I saw our eldest child Chrishelle watching us from up the stairs . Chris followed my gaze and seeing the tears in his daughters eyes stormed off into our room slamming the door . I ran up the stairs catching her in my arms .
” Why is daddy so mad at you mommy ?” She asked wiping her eyes .
” He’s not mad at me . Sometimes he just gets loud for no reason, he can’t help it . Like when he watches football .” I said running my hand through her curls . She giggled at my answer .
” Daddy gets so loud when his team is losing .” She shook her head making me laugh this time . After I tucked her back into bed , I made my way to our bedroom . Chris was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands . I sat beside him rubbing his back .
” You just can’t stop selling drugs Bree . I’m in a lot of deep shit , that i probably won’t get out of until Chrishelle graduates high school .” I heard him say . I didn’t really know all that went on in the drug world . I didn’t ask He didn’t tell .
” What’s the problem ? Is it money ? My dad can give it to you .” I said .
” I’m not taking hand outs from no nigga . I’m a man . I can take care of myself .” He said moving away from my touch .
” I just want to help . I can’t do that if you don’t let me in . Just promise you’ll try to stop .” I said . He sighed
” Promise !” I said before he could get a word out .
” I promise Bree . Now c’mere ..”

"Chris stop.." I whispered trying to be setups .

He wouldn’t though, not while I still had doubts. He pinned my wrists over my head, watching my wild brown locks spread out over the bed and my dark brown eyes grow wide in a strange mix of fear and awe. I struggled as much as i could, kicking my delicate legs and letting out a scream . We wouldn’t get anywhere if we had sex now . He tore at the baggy clothes I wore, jerking them off of me roughly, drawing another cry from me . I squeezed my eyes shut and he hesitated, for a short moment before they rolled back up at him with complete distrust. As I stared back at him I could see wanted me badly , but I wouldn’t give in . He snatched me up by my hips, lifting me with ease and smashing me against his chest, crashing his mouth against mine . I struggled but he cupped the back of my head forcing the kiss on me harder, until I couldn’t breathe then he finally pulled away. My breasts shuddered and her nipples puckered in the cold air. My stomach trembled and the small tattoo I had of his name stood out starkly against my pale skin. He dropped me back to the bed gently, his hands sliding from my shoulders down to my waist and then my hips, holding me in place.

I was still struggling, shrieking with determination and smacking at his arms, trying to push his head away. He braced a thick arm over my waist, pinning me in place and ignoring my flailing limbs while he pulled my underwear to the side. Vanilla and dark honey, along with the musky scent of my Sex came to him and he growled again, burying his face against me . I cried out, my fingers gripping his head as I felt his tongue slip inside me. I tried to push him away as i tossed my head to the side, “I sa-said no!” I said as he ran his tongue up my folds and then plunged his thick tongue inside of me again. My hips bucked and my fingers tightened against head as i screamed in pleasure . I kicked my legs, my heels digging into his back as he thrusts his tongue into me roughly before raising himself, dragging me towards him while he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, shoving them down as much as he could .

I think he enjoyed seeing me struggle because I felt him grow hard against my leg . He turned me over on my stomach and crawled on top of me . I gasped when I felt him throbbing against my ass. That familiar flush was starting to cover my cheeks as I felt one of his large hands run up my thigh slowly separating it from the other . I groaned in frustration as I felt him teasing my entrance with the tip .
” Just fuck me already pleaseeee.” I begged . I could almost feel him smiling at that . Only he could get me to talk that way . He then rammed into me without warning , earning a scream . I tried to push back on him but he had me trapped . All I could do was take all of him . He kept himself buried inside of me, reveling the feel of my tightness and heat, especially in the cold room .
He gave a hard buck against my body and i cried out, my lips parting. He framed me with his arms, hanging his head between his shoulders to look down at my face . He traced his thumb over my bottom lip then licked it .
” I love you, Bree . Why can’t u see I’m doing this for us ?”

I finally opened my eyes and started to speak but he shook his head, his expression darkening. He gripped my hip, supporting himself with his other arm and thrust into me again, plunging deeper and deeper into me. I gasped and moaned with each thrust, desperately trying to find something to clutch . He lifted his hand from my hip to tangle it in my hair, pulling it back from my face and then pulling it enough so that my face was tilted towards him. My eyes were closed, my lips parting on each moan and gasp, my boobs bouncing in the cold air.

I took everything he had to offer, spreading myself wider by pulling my leg further to the side. He lifted himself up in a “push-up”, his muscles straining as he groaned and panted .His dick pummeled me, drawing louder and louder cries from me. I was starting to get frantic, close to my orgasm and he redoubled his efforts, pumping into me at a wild pace he normally would never use with my soft body. He brushed my hair off to one side and braced himself with both arms around my waist, supporting them on his elbows as he pushed his hips in against my plump ass as tight as he could,
” You gone cum for me baby ?” He pleaded into my ear .

My eyes suddenly flew open, rolling back slightly as i let out a cry, my hand flying back to his hip as my pussy contracted tightly on him, squeezing and massaging his shaft hard. He groaned, thrusting through my orgasm and my moan grew into a loud scream, his name mixed in there somewhere. My nails dug into his forearm and hip as he shoved harder and faster, pumping into me wildly.

He grunted in my ear , fisting his hands tightly as he truly unleashed himself, panting and groaning, his hips slapping full force against my ass. I screamed but more I wasn’t trying to get away anymore . I threw my head back, my body convulsing wildly . he put his hand on the small of my back to keep me from flying off of his dick. I bucked and flailed wildly while he held me down, teetering on the edge of his climax…
He let out a groan, shoving himself deeper inside of me, his dick twitching and pulsing as he finally came. He raised himself onto his knees, grabbing my hips to keep me connected to him pumping his hips wildly into me. My muscles burned with the intensity of the release but he wouldn’t stop pumping and I could feel him oozing inside of me . His hand slid from the small of my back to cup my ass, squeezing and rubbing it as his pace finally slowed to something that didn’t take his breath away.

He shuddered over me, finally rolling to the side but keeping his arms locked around me so I had nowhere to escape .Not that i’d be able to move my legs anyway. His hips still occasionally twitched against me making me shudder . He was unconsciously stroking my body. I fiddled with my hands trying to think of a way to bring the topic up without him getting mad . As I opened my mouth to speak I heard light snores . This nigga fell asleep ..

As I stroked his head , I tried to savor this moment for as long as I could . I knew he would be back out in the streets before the week ended . He would say what he had to in order to shut me up but in the end he would always do what he wanted .