The Signs in The Hunger Games
  • Aries:"come at me bitch idgaf if you have a sword I AM THE TOUGHEST MUDDER OUT HERE"
  • Taurus:is bleeding but is too stubborn to die
  • Gemini:makes alliances but breaks them ASAP.
  • Cancer:survives until the last 5 remain and quietly takes everyone out
  • Leo:kills everyone just because they want the pretty crown at the end
  • Virgo:analyzes statistical patterns and forms bond with projected winner then proceeds to kill them in their sleep
  • Libra:talks everyone to death
  • Scorpio:murders everyone with no regrets whatsoever
  • Sagittarius:philosophizes a world without the games and is killed while doing so
  • Capricorn:runs themselves to death
  • Aquarius:puts on shades and waits because they are too cool
  • Pisces:cries

  ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Exclusive “Unbreakable Bonds” Featurette

He’s super quiet but really nice and that’s exactly how I imagined Gale being... I didn’t know what to expect when I first met him but then I was like, ‘This is perfect; He’s like… Gale!’. Anytime he came on set he’d have this quiet, strong attitude and I felt like that was exactly how Gale would be. - - - Willow Shields about Liam Hemsworth