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Allison Inspired Winter Concert Outfit by veterization featuring etched jewelry

Organic by John Patrick blue long sleeve shirt / Steven Alan cotton trench coat / Topshop high waisted denim skinny jeans / Forever 21 black low heel boots / Etched jewelry / Acne Studios oversized scarve / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics dopp bag
Allison Inspired All Black Outfit with Requested Shirt by veterization featuring a long pendant

Free People long sleeve top / Miss Selfridge coat, $38 / American Eagle Outfitters black jegging / Forever 21 tall black boots / LowLuv gold band ring, $30 / Accessorize long pendant / King Fifth Supply Co slouchy beanie
Protective (Part 2)

(Part 1)

     You were getting ready for the party with your friends Lydia and Allison. They were your brothers , Stiles, friends too but he didn’t know about the party. He would probably rat you out to your dad, aka the sheriff. If you got caught you wouldn’t be let out of the house until you were 30. Which is why you were all at Lydia’s. Both of her parents were gone for the weekend so there’s no way you would get caught. 

     As you were doing your makeup you heard your phone ringing. You hadn’t told Lydia or Allison about your seemingly strange encounter at the store only a few hours before, so you excused yourself and walked into the hall. Seeing 'Derek' flash across the phone screen, you answered it with a quiet ‘Hello.’ “Hey (Y/N). You said something about a party tonight?” You gasped, “Oh yeah! I completely forgot I told you. It starts at 8, do you want to pick me up or meet me there?”  ” Um, I’ll just meet you there if you text me the address.” He sounded nervous and you couldn’t understand why. ” Are you all right, Derek? You sound upset or nervous.”  ” Yeah I, uh, I’m a little busy right now but I’ll meet you at the party.” 

     Before he hung up, you heard rustling in the background. You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows, worried about what could be wrong. You tried to hide your feelings, not wanting to face the girls inquisitions. As you walked back into Lydia’s room, you pushed your concern as best you could to the back of your mind. Before you set your phone down you decided to shoot him a quick text. 'Hope everything is okay, see you at the party. xx.'

     You sighed walking over to the window, looking at the full moon that was already in view. Vaguely, you wondered how Scott was doing. Yes, you knew that Scott was a werewolf. Stiles was with him, trying to help him control it, since it was a full moon. 

     What few people knew is that you were a werewolf too. You knew how to control it a lot better though because you had been a werewolf for a big part of your life. You normally knew how to control yourself on a full moon really well but it was different this time. You felt different. 'Well, lets just see how this goes,' you said with a sigh before walking back across the room to where the girls were.

Allison Inspired Outfit with Red Jeans by veterization featuring victoria secret shoes

H M chiffon shirt, $12 / Joseph slim fit coat / Topshop stretchy skinny jeans, $65 / Madewell grey bra / Victoria’s Secret victoria secret shoes / Fat Face bird earrings, $9.19
Allison Inspired Outfit with Red Jeans by veterization featuring suede boots

Shirts blouse / Leather jacket / Le Temps Des Cerises red jeans, $77 / H by Hudson suede boots, $155 / Forever 21 crossbody handbag / Beaded jewelry, $115 / Tech accessory

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Allison Inspired Outfit with Requested Romper by veterization featuring pantyhose tights

Leather biker jacket / Kimchi Blue black romper / Pantyhose tight / H&M short black boots, $46 / Amber Sceats crystal stud earrings, $100 / TomShot bracelet jewelry, $38 / Love 21 voluminous mascara