Polymer or Wood?

Two different types of AK rifles, in two different calibers and two different furniture setups. A Yugo M70B1 and an AK-74 built by Waffen Werks. Note the two spam cans of 5.45x39mm. Wish I had both of these rifles but I’ll settle for one and a spam can of ammo.

Yugo M70B1

Today I purchased a Yugo M70B1 parts kit (matching numbers) from Apex. After doing some research for a few days, I’ll probably end up shipping it to Two Rivers Arms to be built/refinished and have the receiver rewelded if possible. It’ll be a costly project like all of mine have been, however, I feel like it’ll be worth it in the end.

I bought myself a slab side AK magazine and I’m damn happy with it. I thought the magazine wouldn’t be as in good condition as it is, so the $75 (plus shipping) was worth it. I also but a bakelite magazine from AIM the same day as well. I believe it was just under $35 and considering the shipping was free, it was the best price I could find. Although I do not own an AK variant of any kind, I do plan on buying a parts kit and having one built. I don’t have the necessary tools or experience to have the competence in order to build a rifle so I’m going to have someone else do the building. Since tomorrow is payday for me, I am going to buy a Yugo M70B1 parts kit from Apex. The kit has all matching numbers and is advertised as “excellent condition”. On a somewhat side note here, I think 922r compliance is fucking bullshit.

That’s all, folks.