3010 Deansgate-Castlefield 13/9/2011 on Flickr.

Was up in Manchester for work over Sunday through to Tuesday, so popped out on Monday evening and Tuesday morning into the city to pop and see a few bits and bobs.

Victoria on the Monday evening was not great but at least copped a few of the new Metrolink trams.

However on rush hour at Piccadilly on Tuesday morning was far better.

In total copped 17, not bad for an hour!
Including my last 3 Trans Pennine 170’s, last 323, last East Midland Trains and English based 158 and one 142 and 9 185’s
And another couple of Trams. Happy Days.

So apparently I’ve inherited another Abu M5000. Between my dad’s, mom’s dad’s (pictured here), Mom’s 5000C (that I haven’t looted … yet), and my own ’90s plastic low-profile one that still bears the brand name and royal arms, I’m accidentally collecting Swedish reels.