Very, very rarely am I infuriated by news articles as much as I am by this one. 

So, as I sometimes do when I’m bored, this morning at school I logged onto CNN whilst in Computer class. I saw, and clicked on, a heart-touching story about a young transgender girl from Colorado - six years old - who had been barred access to her school’s girl bathroom, because ‘his (the school referred to her by her physical anatomy) genitalia would make other girls uncomfortable’. Her parents were, and are, fighting a legal battle for her to be allowed access. 

I thought it was about the sweetest story I had ever heard, and such a tragedy that she wouldn’t be allowed to use the lavatory she desired. I thought that, because CNN’s commentators are usually quite Liberal, there would be a massive outburst of support in her favor.

Man, was I wrong.

Thousands of comments have been made on the article, such as the one shown in the picture, displaying such offensive, hurtful things about transgendered children, comparing their desire to be a different gender to children pretending to be dogs, superheroes, snobby royalty, or astronauts. Comments saying that all people should follow the genitalia they were given. All of these with dozens, hundreds, thousands, of upvotes. And any comments saying that there was nothing wrong with the girl almost always had 50% or more downvotes for every upvote.

I have three or four trans friends, and to them, there is no question who they are. It’s not pretend, it’s not a call for attention. It’s a simple, “I have a Penis/Vagina, and I am a Girl/Guy (respectively).” It’s a simple fucking concept for me to be used to, and it sickens me that others can’t have the fucking common courtesy to refer to people the way they would prefer. 


CNN, step up your moderating game, please. Don’t let these assholes say such hurtful things.

Fandoms of tumblr…I know that this has nothing to do with any of you, but…please. Reblog. Spread the word.

so here is what happens to me when we do the ‘urinals’ vs ‘no urinals’ bathroom setup.  it becomes an opportunity to out me, make assumptions about my genitals, essentialize my gender according to my birth sex, and push me into the men’s room.  this is actually what happens to me when we do this.  let’s not do this, ok?  spread the word.

These are statistics.They are shocking, but we don’t know who the real people behind these numbers are. 

As important as it is for these numbers to be known, so that change can be implemented, it is also important to remember the humans behind the numbers

My name is Anthony. I am a transgender man and I REFUSE to be just another statistic!

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so this week on the dollhouse we’re parodying things involving each other, and the trans community~

honestly this video was a lil weird for me to do because i never make videos where i try to be funny, but i really hope you enjoy this video!!

i’m looking forward to what all of the other girls are planning on doing this week as well. ♡

While all eyes were on the Supreme Court and marriage equality the AZ Anti-transgender bathrooms legislation passed the House Appropriations Committee tonight and my heart goes out to all the trans* and gender non-conforming folks in Arizona. 

Call Rep. Kavanagh and urge him to stop his campaign against transgender Arizonans: 602-926-5170.

It’s so important to enjoy every moment of every day. I’m so tired of feeling sorry for myself and hating what I am, the things I’ve done, what I’ve become. I want to live my life as if it’s my last days on earth. #trans #transgender #transsexual #makeup #ts #girlslikeus #lgbt #mtf #m2f #hrt #like4like #ifollowback #piercing #transgirl
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