if you decide to change the source on my photo because you can’t post bitching posts like I do then I will be more then happy to escort you to the gates of hell

eternity-isnot-enough-deactivat said:

Why do you always have to be right? But I miss Peter Pan :c and it's cold in North Pole. We can do it, tomorrow if you want to *-* have you stopped to think about the consequences of writing bad things in public about one of the newest celebrities in Tumblr? His stalkers will stalk you, and you'll regret it forever! Sleep tight while you can * Love you my little bitch.

I’ll change it tomorrow, ok? Peter Pan will come back… with one more year :D

Ahahahaahh you just made me laugh sooooo hard right now! :D I don’t think people know who Manel is… I think everyone knows him by his url, but not by his real name :c

But I’ll apologize to him when I see him live again, K?

Love you my marvellous wife ♥