Technology Question for Medblrs

Hi med school medblrs. Future Med School requires us to get ipads. I’m trying to figure out what kind I should get (regular, mini, air). For people who have used ipads during class, is the mini too small? Also, is it typical for people to carry around their phone and iPad in clinic and on rotations? 

Intuition tells me that bigger is better for class and smaller is better if we need them on rotations. They say that the iPad is used for filling out forms in clinic (I’m not even sure what that means exactly because every exam room I’ve been in has a computer…but maybe that’s just my experience in the heath system I use). 

Advice for a confused m0?

I’m tagging some random people who I know are med students, but don’t feel obligated to answer if you don’t want to. And if you know the answer, feel free to answer! medschool-monarchess modernathena90 randommomentsdevida tungsten-heart