the worst beauty misconception dark girls are fed is that they can’t experiment with their look

you can go as loud as you want

or keep it simple

stick to the neutrals 

or go on all out galaxy chic

go out sultry

or go out sweet

cause your skin is so versatile

that there’s no such thing as “the right colour”

be a goddamn mermaid if you like

 dress down

or up

go natural

or not

you’ll still look flawless

so go ahead and shower in gold

or do nothing at all

cause at the end of the day

you’re still a queen

Madonna Curse

Tupac fucked Madonna, and later died.

Michael Jackson was friends with Madonna, and she predicted his death at a concert of hers by saying “"In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king.”

Britney Spears performed and kissed Madonna she later had her mental breakdown

Christina Aguilera performed and kissed Madonna she later got fat and her last 2 albums flopped.

M.I.A performed with Madonna at the Super Bowl, and later got sued for $16.6 million.

Nicki Minaj performed with Madonna at the Super Bowl and her album flopped in 2012, and in 2014 she ended her 10+ year relationship with her then boyfriend and her new album flopped after she collaborated with Madonna.

Lady Gaga shaded Madonna in 2012 and ended up breaking her hip, and canceling her tour in 2013.

Taylor Swift recently performed with Madonna and two weeks after she announced her mother has cancer.

Drake performed and kissed Madonna at Coachella…..

He is not safe.

no other mainstream musician is doing what M.I.A. is doing. kanye once tweeted something along the lines of, “M.I.A. is from the future. our present is her past,” and he’s right. this kind of DIY aesthetic, like .net art meets punk meets pop culture, is something that other musicians are just starting to catch up to, but M.I.A. has been doing it for the past ten years (and more, if you count the time before her music career even took off). 

M.I.A. has infiltrated pop culture and has never once been apologetic about her subversion of the culture she has integrated herself into so well, and has never played into respectability. that’s not to say that musicians of color who play into respectability politics are less-than, as they’re only trying to protect themselves in a hostile white world; just to say that it’s incredible that she has somehow managed to evade that. she is in the western world, using western motifs, but using them to communicate the experience of a refugee, an immigrant kid, an outlier. 

you don’t often see sri lankan women stirring up the masses on TV, because it’s not accessible for us brown girls from war-torn countries, but M.I.A. has managed it. radio hits like “bad girls” and “paper planes” maintain their political statement with danceable production by diplo and the like; her songs are pop culture-friendly and incredibly subversive and inflammatory to the mainstream all at once – rather than the pop influence watering her message down, it has only added more power to that message.

M.I.A. is a visionary. M.I.A. will be remembered when many others in the current pop canon are forgotten. M.I.A. is some kind of goddess walking among us.