so like we all know how yang owns an achievement hunter boyband poster  so it got me thinking to like how the other girls could actually like rooster teeth stuff too

  • yang really likes ah and all the games they play + watches every podcast every week bc she loves barbara
  • ruby really likes rtaa’s because the art is really cute
  • weiss likes rvb because of the plot (her favorite character is church and she’ll never accept anything after s10)
  • blake watches rage quit exclusively 
Is this correct?

So Blake and Yang have Yin and Drake.

Ruby and Weiss have Theo and Serra.

Pyrrha and Jaune have Leda, Thalia, Phoebe, Rhea.

Nora and Lie Ren have twins Daniel & Mira and younger sibling Alicia.

Velvet and Sun have March, Julius and Star.


Yin likes March.

Leda likes Daniel.


WeissRabbit created the bumblebabies and the bunana bunch?

Amipiai created the Rosebuds kids.

m-azing created the Arkids. 

Xunnies created the Sloth Jrs. 

*please let me know if any of this is wrong and I’ll correct it.* :)

Sziasztok! Még sose fogtam ilyenbe szoval remelem sikerulni fog...ugye mindenki latja hogy sok a boldogtalan, depressziós tumblis akik esetleg ugy látják semmi fény és remény nincs az életében...én ezt szeretném megvá lenne a lényege ennek a "feladatnak" hogy mindennap a nap végén át gondolva az aznapi történéseket kipostolnánk valamit (lehet az szöveg, kép barmi es a tagekhez odarakank hogy happytumblr) amitől boldogok voltunk egy masodpercig is aznap, vagy csak jo erzes toltott el akkor stb. es ez nem 100 napig tartana, nem kihivas lenne hanem csak egy bizonyitek hogy igenis mindenki eleteben vannak jó és értékes dolgok...AKINEK TETSZIK ÉS BELEMENNE ANNAK NAGYON ORULOK ES ARRA KERNELEK TITETEK HOGY REBLOGOLJÁTOK HOGY ELJUSSON MINDENKIHEZ! :) <3

jött az ősz
s te mentél
magaddal vittél
ami számított
csak az emlékeinket nem
hogy biztos
ami biztos


I'd like to think when Pyrrha told Jaune she was pregnant, he passed out each time...

"Jaune, I’m pregnant!….Oh dear. NO! Don’t bang your head on the coffee table!”


Pyrrha holding one year old Leda. “Jaune, I’m pregnant….Oh not again.”


Pyrrha holding two year old Leda and one year old Thalia. “Jaune, we’re going to have another baby!…OH for the love of-“


Pyrrha holding two year old Thalia and one year old Pheobe while three year old Leda clings to her mom’s leg. “Jaune, I’m….are you kidding me?” 

RWBY Coffee shop AU

Weiss comes into Pyrrha’s coffee shop every morning at precisely 7:15 a.m. After traumatizing all the other baristas, Pyrrha’s the only one Weiss lets make her coffee also she totally wants to bang her.

So Weiss comes in one morning, ready for her medium double shot caramel macchiato with skim and less than half an inch of whip, only to find Pyrrha gone on a weekend getaway with some incompetent layabout who accidentally attended her free women’s self defense course at the rec center.

And instead Ruby’s there to be super freaking awkward and then backsass her when Weiss tries to explain to her exactly what the difference should be between steaming milk for a capuccino and a latte and oh hell no there’s no way she’s gonna make her drink right motherfuckers she has a SYSTEM and RUBY IS NOT A PART OF THAT SYSTEM.

And then it’s the best coffee Weiss has ever had but she can’t admit it because that means Ruby wins and Ruby’s not going to win God dammit, and she doesn’t notice Ruby writing her number on the receipt until she walks out the door.

and in the end she still wants to bang the lady making her coffee