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I'm not saying u are acting (please don't take the wrong way), but how u can cry over the same songs two nights in a row?

Lol I’m dealing with some stuff right now and it’s okay I understand the question. Although the second night different songs hit me harder than the first night.

Hey guys, help me out!

I am looking for good costume dramas (preferably movies, though I can be convinced to toss on a TV show or two). 

I’ve got The Duchess, Amadeus, Russian Ark, Marie Antoinette so far. I’m looking for stuff with good (and interesting!) costume design and cinematography. A story that won’t bore me to death is a plus, but I’m mostly using these for screenshot reference.

I am also ABSOLUTELY BLIND to things with good production + non-european culture focus, so anything in that vein would be amazing. Korean productions?? Bollywood???

Imma really reach my post limit today because I’m scheduling stuff for tomorrow so I can just reblog yall. If I ain’t posting, imma still be creeping 👀

Bite Your Tongue
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1B1sv3M

by Avaaricious

AKA the “I work at a department store and if you take out and unfold a shirt and then leave it one more time I’m going to stuff it down your throat” AU

Words: 5241, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Meet-Ugly

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1B1sv3M
Help a girl out! xx

Hey everyone can you guys do me a favor…
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This blog is very handy in public because most people in my country (including my parends) doesn't even take the effort to read something once they realize it's in English. And c'mon, who would think I'm reading dirty stuff when there are cartoons all over the page?!

I’m very glad that you find this blog practical and enjoyable. I can certainly see how the graphics and confession format would be useful in public.

Fruits and Veggies

I received my order from Washington Green Grocer. My fave veggie/fruit place to order deliveries. I got the single organic box which had:

Grape Tomatoes
Mineola Tangelo
Local White Mushrooms
Green Kale
Cantaloupe (replacement)

I’m excited to make stuff with it. I’m especially to try out the tangelos. Maybe I’ll make a yummy smoothie in the morning using the bananas, the tangelos and kale.

Maybe a salad with some of the rest!

I have lots of home made organic herbal medicine ready to go home to beautiful people. I’m packaging and sending stuff out before I leave to the Midwest this Friday. Available: eczema pomada, abuela ruda (3left) pregnant belly pomada, full body pomada, baby butt rash pomada, lip balm (white sage, lavender, peppermint, orange mandarin), and loose leaf tea blends. #support #poc #community #herbal #medicinemakers #cantosdelatierra #healingart #salves #herbs ~ you can visit Cantosdelatierra.bigcartel.com to support!

i know i said that i wouldn’t post anymore ooc, but i’m seeing so much stuff about the kuro fandom and how people sTILL think Alois is a slut, the ships, and do you know what Season II really is? A slap to the face for every fan who thinks love is going to be a consistent genre in this series. It’s been made clear that anyone who holds such an attachment as love, compassion in this series is going to meet there end, maybe not all characters bUT MOST CHARACTERS. This is in all three seasons of the anime, and i find it odd that people still have serious ships or any kind of fluff for characters that are dark, sadistic, and physiologically traumatized.  

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Hai, I was wondering what program you did the gif editing in for the octopus? I'm trying to learn stuff like that and im currently editing stuff in after effects and such. But did you create like "onion skins" and stuff or can you explain your process or send me some tutorials to look at? I'm trying to learn a lot more outside of school with this stufff ( im in design)

I created the entire thing in Photoshop, drawing it and exporting it to a gif. I’ve done 2 general animation-to-gif tutorials on it, including one on the onion skin effect. [tutorial 1] [tutorial 2]

It would be a different process with After Effects. It’s a good video editing tool, but not necessarily a good gif editing tool. Gif editing is a much more convenient process in Photoshop, at least for me it is. So if I wanted to turn something I put together in AE into a gif, I would render the specific bit into a movie file so I could then import that into Photoshop, tweak it, and export it as a gif.

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hellow lovely rita! can you tell me how does spideypool family feels like to live in a house where there's no female? since it's all boys, do they feel more comfortable or else? (pardon my english please my native language is turkish)

hey! It doesn’t affect them in any way, why would it? Do you mean like “Who cleans the dishes?” and stuff? I’m pretty sure their house/flat would be a total mess. COMPLETE mess actually xD as for cleaning, cooking etc etc, they do it when they feel like it (not very often i guess)

And even when they get a female in their family (Ben’s girlfriend for example or future wife), it wouldn’t change anything (:

ramandab-daisuki replied to your post: I just finished the beginner level 500…

I really like it since it helps me keep track of which areas I need to work on! I’m little more than halfway through it and I think I’m going to continue with the series!

Yes! This book definitely gets the thumbs up from me. It’s broken up into a very manageable schedule (which I didn’t follow as I was using it for review, but will definitely follow for books where I’m learning newer stuff).

A second look at the vocabulary I got wrong leaves me getting almost all of the answers right, phew. The grammar’s gonna be the kicker though. My grammar sucks.