(EXO-M Ver.) Mafia!AU: When you threaten to divorce him in front of his gang.


Xiumin: You hear her, Kris?

Yeah, I hear her.


You’re so cute when you try to threaten me.


Hmph, that’s cute, babe.

But we both know you don’t mean it.


And where exactly do you think you’re going, wife of the most infamous gang leader that Asia has to offer?


If that’s what you want, honey…

But regardless of name or certificate, you will always be my woman.


How can you expect me to agree to divorce?! You’re my wife and my heart above all else, I’ll let you go!

Gif Reaction: EXO Spotting you in a crowd.

Aww this is so sweet xoxo and thank you <3

Suho: “That’s my girl, Supporting her strong, talented, rich Man!” *gets carried away*

Baekhyun: “Yay! Shes here! I hope she isn’t mad that i kissed that fan though..”

Chanyeol: *sends you a video from backstage* “Hi, Baby. I hope you enjoy our show!! Bye~~ i love you!”

Kyungsoo:*gives you a cute sign to let you know that he acknowledges your presence and hes grateful*

Kai: *To Himself* “Oh My gosh! Shes Here~. I’m gonna perform as great as i can just for her.”

Sehun: “Shes here for Me Me and..oh yea ME!!”

Kris: "But how did she get in if all our tickets sold out..Hmm? 

*later after the show at you guys house and you tell him you planned it a while ago: "You sneaky fox, This is why i love you *gives you kisses."

Chen: *reaches out to you by showing his love  for you coming*

Xiumin: *makes squishy face that instantly makes you laugh and it confirms that he sees you*

Luhan: *tries to act more manly because of you* “Ah awesome~ Shes here.” *hes freaking out happily inside though*

Lay: “Jagi made it, but i wish she had told me before i slapped (exo member name )’s butt. Now i feel silly.”

Tao: “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU~.” *does a cutesy dance for you*

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exo reaction when a masked fan goes to a fan meeting (the mask takes all her face), can i have two reactions? one when they notice her and another when she takes off the mask to talk to them (and she is very pretty)? thankkks


Meeting: Why are you wearing that mask why not take it off?

No mask: Woah, see why did you even need that mask?


Meeting: Huh~ that’s new, I’ve never seen someone meet me with a mask

No mask: Hm, maybe you just shouldn’t have worn the mask at all


Meeting: Is there a reason you wore this mask?

No mask: Ah~ I see it was to hide your beauty from others so they won’t get jealous right?


Meeting: Isn’t that mask a bother to wear?

No mask: On second thought, put the mask back on. You’re beauty is too shining for me


Meeting: Why not just take the mask off? I won’t mind

No mask: Whoo~ look how pretty you are under that mask


Meeting: Oh~ I didn’t expect to see you with a mask on

No mask: Well look how pretty you are under that mask? What about me?


Meeting: Why did you wear a mask here?

No mask: So why did you wear the mask if you’re this beautiful?


Meeting: Can you even see me through that?

No mask: Can I borrow your mask to hide myself from you now? You’re too beautiful


Meeting: You should take the mask off, I bet you’re beautiful underneath

No mask: see I was right didn’t I tell you?


Meeting: But you shouldn’t be so shy as to hide your face

No mask: See look how beautiful you are without the mask


Meeting: Why are you wearing a mask? You don’t have to be that shy in front of me

No mask: You didn’t have to be shy! You’re very beautiful


Meeting: If you wear the mask I can’t see your face then

No mask: Look how much more beautiful you are without the mask

Bahaha, my mom has her friends over and they’re drinking and it’s so hilarious. One of the ladies is hitting on my brother and they keep telling me how pretty I am. And, they gave me some of their wine, so I got free wine to drink while I’m making gifs. This is great ahaha. (‘: