May 22, 1991 

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How Adorable || M.G.C.

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Word count: 2,686

Requested: nope, but it’s really long because I had so much fun with it and I really do hope you like it! :)

Rated// r [smut]


A/n: it’s a smut/imagine. It’s like a sex scene…in a cute imagine. But I put it in smut because some people avoid the tag for a reason. Smut.

               You laid on your bed with a thin chapter book in your hand, the old pages containing boring words necessary to complete chapter questions for your English homework. “Babe,” Michael said plopping onto the soft mattress, smacking away the dirty old book. “Michael,” you squealed as he crawled in between your now parted legs, getting comfy once his torso was in the right spot. “Kisses,” he said with pouty lips. “Uhg, okay,” leaning forward you quickly pressed your lips to his. Your noses lightly brushing as he turned his head to the side.

      Knowing exactly what he wanted; to make out. You pulled away and smirked watching as his green eyes flashed a desperate look. “Pleeeease,” he said dragging out the ‘e’s, puckering his soft lips. The way his angelic face looked made everything in this moment worth not studying for your test or finishing the chapter for your homework. Moving your body back you propped your head on a pillow, “Make me,” you taunted and he snapped his eyes back open. “Fine,” the distraught tone in his voice gave away that he was getting turned on.  As Michael felt his cock stir around, your teasing voice rang in his ears; so he pinned you down and brushed his nose over yours, then slamming his lips to yours. The way his puffy, soft lips massaged yours made you melt under his dominant touch. “God, I love how your lips feel on mine,” he spoke into your mouth, savoring the taste of your lips that were earlier coated in some form of fruity chap-stick. A smile smile stretched across your lips when his stubble lightly brushed your cheeks, and his cherry-red lips pushed yours apart.

       His tongue pushed past your lips and teeth, lightly tracing small triangles into the roof of your mouth before poking around at your tongue, at this point you two were in a full blown french kiss, tongues knotted together like a pretzel, and hands roaming each other’s feverish bodies. “God, I want you so much,” he gasped pulling away, his lungs on fire and chest relieved of all the pressure it felt when he refused to pull away from you, until his head felt a little dizzy. Your hands shot up to tangle themselves through his thin, black locks. “I swear, I had a lot more of this to tug on when you had galaxy hair,” you teased watching as he rolled his eyes before ducking down, your small frame submissive to his large, broad one. The smell of his cologne sending you senses into overdrive. “Michael,” you sighed as his lips latched onto your neck; sucking a dark purple spot right where he knew he could have you melting. Michael was big on foreplay. The pleasure ran down your spine and you shut your eyes peacefully, small sighs of content falling from your quivering lips. “Mh,” you stopped your moan by pressing your lips tightly together; Michael had found the sweet spot right under your left collar bone where he left many marks before. The little purple blossom like a tattoo that had to be done every few days.

     “You,” he stopped kissing me to look into my [y/e/c] eyes whilst speaking, “are the most pulchritudinous girl I have ever met.” You giggled at his very advanced choice for the word “pretty.”   “You’re the cutest dork ever,” you giggled as he finally moved down to remove the sheer, blue tank top you wore over one of Michael’s favorite bras, which was basically your teal push up bra with lace decals. “Why are you so freaking hot,” he panted palming over the material. You smirked at him as he went all heart-eyes, reaching back for the clasp on yours bra, unhooking it with a quick pluck of his fingers he was watching in awe as the straps slid down your arms that were littered in goosebumps. “Kitten, your tits are my weakness,” he cooed before biting his lip and clasping his hands around your breasts. He moved his fingers to your nipples and flicked them a few times, small shocks of pleasure making you gasp. “Mikey,” you purred running your hands through his spiky hair; one of his major turn on’s. “Mhmm,” he hummed feeling himself get a little flustered. As you were about to ask him to do something he closed his warm mouth around your nipple, his tongue tracing the areola, the flicking your nipple. His jeans got even tighter when he heard shaky breaths exit your nose, and he felt your chest push into his face. You had always had sensitive nipples, and you knew what Michael was going to try and do; make you cum by nipple stimulation. “Michael, I don’t know…,” you trailed off starting to get a little shaky. He only hummed before moving to your other nipple, flicking it with his tongue, then dragging his teeth across it then biting down, his other hand stroking from your breast and down your tummy, then back up. “I’m close,” you whined feeling the sudden urge to buck your hips up so his jeans could create that magical friction on your dripping pussy. “Please,” you begged, but he shook his head 'No,’ and lifted up his hips so your couldn’t grind up to him. Then it happened, for the first time ever……you came while Michael was sucking your nipples and stroking your thighs, the pleasure had your thighs shaking and you choking on moans, and of course a ear-to-ear grin from your very proud boyfriend. “I did it?!”

      His mouth was open and his emerald eyes screamed, “Hell yeah mothafucka!” You rolled your eyes before pulling your boyfriend away from your over-sensitive nipples. “Okay, enough for you "boob man,” you joked pulling him in for a sweet kiss. “Get on with it Clifford,” you begged starting to feel the arousal become unbearable. He giggled quietly before placing a soft kiss to your lips, trailing them down town; which was flooded.

       You felt Michael’s lips on your pubic bone, but then they stopped, not kissing any further. So you peeled open your [y/eye color/eye] eyes and looked at the spiky haired sex god, almost wailing out in desperation at he just eyes your dripping center, the amazed look in his jade eyes turning into lust. He roughly spread your legs further, if possible. He bit his bottom lip before averting his eyes to you, smirking as he saw you had your head thrown back from pure frustration, “I’m hungry,” he suddenly spoke, diving in. His tongue wiggled around your folds lightly as his stubble scratched around your thighs. “Baby,” you panted as Michael dug his fingers in your tight hole, searching for that special  spot. You only felt him laugh against you for a moment before he went straight back to work. “I’m close,” you whined bucking up your hips, which caused his thick fingers to go deeper, practically grinding deliciously against your g-spot. Michael wiggled his head between your thighs, making wonderful friction, jolts of pleasure making your stomach leap in pleasure. “Cum for me, Kitten,” he grumbled against you. You didn’t need anymore encouragement, so you let go, bucking your hips up to grind your pussy against his mouth while you came; and he didn’t even give a shit, he just continued to eat you like a box of pizza.

       When it came to Michael eating you out, he really fucking ate you out. He would keep going until you were screaming and yanking him up by his hair begging for him to stop. “Oh…my fucking god,” you heaved, pulling Michael up so he was chest to chest with you, his lips so close to yours. “Kiss me, dammit!” He complied instantly and slammed his lips onto yours, pumping his painfully hard member and lining it up with you. “Can you take my cock now, Baby Girl?” he questioned you softly. You whimpered before letting your bottom lip escape the death grip your teeth had on it. “Yes, god fuck me so hard!”

      Michael didn’t need to be told again, he snapped his hips forward, his tip burying it'self in you, but it wasn’t enough. You bucked your hips up, moving your weak legs to wrap around Michael’s narrow waist, the skin of his cute tummy pressed on yours. “Go, baby please,” and with that he slowly buried the rest of himself inside of you, groaning out a loud, “I love you.” You said it back instantly, tangling your shaking hands in his hair, running it over his scalp soothingly before giving it a small tug. He started a medium pace, each thrust deep and full of passion. Michael’s eyes were squeezed shut and his head was buried comfortably in the crook of your neck. You two tried to contain the sounds of pleasure, but failed. Desperate moans filled the air along with multiple, “I love you,”’s. Michael moved his hands from the side of your head and wrapped the around your waist and pulled you up with him. You two ended up in a sitting position, you were sitting on his member as he thrusts up into you, both of your arms wrapped tightly around each other. “I’m close, shit I really am,” you whimpered into his neck, moving your face to his, slamming your lips together in a passionate kiss. You two swallowed each other’s moans and writhed in pleasure. You started to shake again, so Mike protectively wrapped his arms around you tighter, but moved one hand down to roughly circle your clit. “Shit,” you pornographically moaned into his mouth. He bounced you up on him a few times before gently laying you down again, thrusting into you with so much love it almost made tears come to your eyes.

   Then it hit you, Michael was making love to you.

        "God, I love you so much, Baby.“ He thrusts a few times, sending you flying over the edge. He silenced your loud moans and pathetic whimpers with another passionate French kiss. He kept thrusting and rubbing your small bundle of nerves until your two highs finally ended.
    He finally pulled out and laid flat on his back, catching his breath. "You….you okay,” he panted turning on his side to look at you. Your hair was a mess, makeup smudged - no - rubbed off.  Your eyelids drooped heavily as you looked at him, a lazy smirk gracing your face. “I’m perfect, a little sticky but still - perfect.”

 He smiled at you lovingly before hopping off of the  bed and running into the bathroom, his pale ass the last thing you saw before you heard water running. He popped his head back out, and pouted since you were to tired for a bath. So he ducked back in and turned off the tub, using the sink and a washcloth.

      He came back to the bed, a warm washcloth clutched tightly in his hand, he soothingly ran it over your more privet areas, cleaning off the sexual discharge. “Thank you, Cutie,” you giggle as he threw the washcloth off the bed, and into the small clothes hamper half full of Michael’s various black band shirts. Just as you thought Michael was going to come and cuddle up with you he took off the many pillows from your bed and layed them on the floor, then he came and scooped you up bridal style. He finally lifted you off the bed and gently laid you on the makeshift bed he formed. You were confused for a seconds until you saw him run his naked self out to get a new pair of sheets from the closet in the hallway. He returned with a pair of light blue sheets, stretching them across your bed before making it again. “Wow, Babe! Thank you,” you smiled at him with a sparkle in your eyes, blushing as he put you and all the pillows back on the bed, plopping down with a loud huff. Exhaustion finally set in you two, so he curled up with you, stroking your smooth thighs. He lightly ran his fingers over the stretch marks he never seemed to notice, not that it effected him; everyone he knew had some sort of stretch mark. He heard your breathing become heavier and he knew you were asleep, so he put his heavy eyelids out of misery. The sight was honestly beautiful: your guys’ bare bodies cuddled together on a freshly made bed, two smiles gracing your beautiful faces.  


A few hour later, at about 4:47 p.m., Michael woke up to you stirring in his warm ebrace. He smiled once again as he remembered earlier. He opened his mouth, almost wanting to wake you but then a cute idea popped into Michael’s mind. An ear-to-ear grind spread across his face and he slowly unwrapped his arms from around your waist. Small hand marks there from your previous activities. A small pout formed on his face and he felt bad…he hurt you. Then a memory popped into his head, a rainy Saturday night.

  You two each had a beer in your hands, yours half empty and him already on his third. “[Y/n], got any kink(s) I should know about,” Mike winked at you playfully, but then averting his gave to yours. “Leave hand prints on my ass, thighs, I don’t care. I want to be marked with your love,” you confessed to him with a smirk.

  Michael’s pout faded and was replaced with a small smile, knowing you’d be very turned on by him acting on one of your favorite sexual activities.

       After studying you for a while, Michael got up, looking at the analog clock, the arms pointing at the numbers, 5:01. He made his way into the kitchen of your guy’s flat, grabbing the ingredients to make your favorite snack. He raided the cupboards for peanut-butter, and then searched the fridge for the perfect yellow apple. “Perfect,” he silently cheered getting the fruit knife ready. He got out a small wooden cutting board, slicing the apple into little apple chips, your favorite. He spooned a few globs of the thick sandwich condiment onto the plate. As he was licking off the peanut-butter from his fingers he wandered over to the fridge again, grabbing a Dr. Pepper, popping the cap off the fancy glass bottle.

      Michael grabbed the plate and the [soda] pop. He waddled back into the bedroom quiet as a mouse, setting the snack down on the nightstand and grabbing a pair of boxer shorts, but then deciding against it; you two would just cuddle naked.

     He softly shook you, making your breath catch in your throat, “Hm,” you grumbled still asleep. Michael softly giggled before whispering sweet things in your ear. “Wake up cutie pie. I made you food.” He also included the multiple, “I love you,”’s. Finally after a few minutes and a bit of effort you woke up, fluttering open your eyes to find an angel staring down at you, “Morning, Prince Charming,” you giggled. As you sat up you shivered, grabbing the duvet and pulling it up to your chest, watching as Michael grabbed the plate for you. “Here you go,” he whispered groggily before putting the pop on the night stand next to you. “Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I love this..and you.” He smiled happily before setting up Netflix on your TV, turning down the brightness because of how sensitive your tired eyes were.

      Michael slid under the cover and stole an apple before cuddling into your side, instantly warming your body up. You two stayed like that, watching American Horror Story, until he got more hungry and ordered a pizza.

   Let’s just say…you got a F on the English homework.

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