William S. Burroughs | Graphite on Paper | 40x50cm

Desperation is the raw material of drastic change.

Only those who can leave behind everything

they have ever believed in can hope to escape.

William S. Burroughs

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Meryl and Maks Recap October 23rd, 2014

Hello Fam.  I promised I would do a recap today, so that’s what I’ma doin’.      I wish I could say I will be doing recaps every day again, but I just can’t say that.  Once school started back up it became harder and harder to get recaps done everyday.  Also, to be honest, after those five days of Meryl visiting Maks in LA I felt there really wasn’t as big a need for a daily recap because I had my answer about Meryl and Maks.  Are they together?  Yep!  Done.  Of course I still interested but I find myself not checking tumbler quite as obsessively often as I used to.  That has not changed for me after today.  I will do my best to give you a good update, but things were awfully crazy today and I may have missed a thing or two, so here goes.

Today was actually a representative of the pattern of our shipping journey, but possibly the most extreme case.  It seems like every time we get a “high” we also get a “low”.  It has happened over and over again.  Todays super high was the much anticipated announcement that Meryl will in fact be performing in Sway! To say I was excited would definitely be an understatement.  Tricia and I had already purchased our tickets for the Wednesday show right at 9:15 when they opened for purchase, so when Maks was finally on at about 9:40, I already knew I would be seeing them dance together in person.  But, as if the trend, the “low” came.  So quickly that we’d barely had a chance to pull our gifs out!  

Maks was interviewed by people.com and said that he and Meryl are not dating and probably won’t date.  I clearly remember thinking, “bullshit”.  I had to get to work anyway, so i stepped away from the poor exploding tumblr and got myself to work.  There were some people who were very upset, some confused, some not phased, as always.  Some may have jumped ship completely, but we have been through all of this before.  

My personal opinion is that this statement is to shut down the new rumors brought on by Meryl’s visit.  It stops the personal questions and takes the pressure off of Meryl and Maks as they spend more time together in the coming weeks (getting ready for SWAY,  OMG, still so excited!).  Whatever your opinion is, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you still have hope, so chins up!  Everything is going to be fine.

Here are a few images from the morning:


This one makes me so happy!!


Did I mention Meryl will be in Sway!?!?!?



Ok, I’ll stop now!  Everybody is thrilled about Meryl in Sway and Zendaya on Sunday!  

And here’s my favorite quote from Maks’ interview.


The rest of the day was essentially discussions of what everyone thought of Maks print and video interviews.  Meryl and Maks were both very active on SM, I’m not going to detail every like, but I will point out a connection.  Maks was obviously touring his old stomping grounds and posted a video of the playground were he was beaten up on his second day in America and his rollerblades were stolen. :(  He also posted this:


Meanwhile Meryl posted this:


I do not believe childhood memories and sibling shout-outs is a coincidence.

There were lots of likes and retweets of the Sway news from the Fam and I’m not even going to try to chronicle them all.  Maks probably had at least one other interview today that has not been released yet, and Meryl did an interview yesterday that has also not aired.  So there could be more fun in store for us :-/  I say watch their actions.  Much love, Fam, but this is the best I’ve got tonight.  Love you all :)