Kuvira is so tragic to me okay.

This poor girl didn’t lose her parents. They flat out just didn’t want her. They threw her out when she was 8 years old

Can you imagine… can you even fathom how that must feel? 

No wonder she’s metal bender. She’s gotta be pretty damn refined after that.

So then she ends up on Su’s doorstep but noticing these family dynamics, it doesn’t seem she was ever accepted. She was the outsider of this close-knit, loving family. Did this woman grow up without love?

Baatar Jr. was the best she had. He loved her and she clung to it. You saw how comfortable she was in his arms because he loved her and she needed it.

And now she’s realized all the horrible things she’s done, she’s genuinely sorry, and is willing to accept her punishments, and this woman to took her in, who was probably the closest thing to a mother she ever had, continues to pour salt into her wounds. 

And can we just talk about this for a second? It’s pretty much confirmed at this point that Kuvira was adopted into Su’s family. Su, Kuvira;s mother figure, tried to kill her on multiple occasions. I’m probably gonna make a post about this later, but Kuvira, though she attacked Su back, didn’t really try to kill her. She locked her up when Su broke into her camp, and when they were fighting in Operation Beifong, Kuvira just kicked her off the weapon. 

Kuvira needed Su and she probably just felt really betrayed like nobody wants me nobody loves me. She had Baatar and then she gave him up and now she has nobody and she’s probably guilt-ridden for everything she’s done and I can’t forsee any happiness for this woman’s future and it breaks me. 

I’m so sad for her