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I'm going to follow the cat train: if you had to choose between a cat dressed as batman and a cat dressed as Elvis, how many more cat costumes would you buy while at the shops as you took them both home because really who could choose

Batman cat duh!

I’m watching Victorious and it’s making me lowkey mad because Leon Thomas is such a talent… like I’m watching videos of him singing (with Ariana Grande) and wondering who let him slip by. This brotha sings, writes his own music, plays multiple instruments and acts. Smh, where he at though?

Riding high on my little victory, I’m going to take a chance and write more than usual today.

If you fear looking in the mirror for what you might see in your appearance- stop that.  You look fantastic; trust me.

However, this week’s picture deals with not only your physical reflection, but you as you perceive yourself.  We as people sometimes fear exposing things about ourselves that we don’t find tasteful, even to our own consciousness.  We push those things we think about ourselves down and repress them because we don’t want to think about how we tend to get a tad manipulative and passive-aggressive in relationships when we don’t get our way- as a personal example.

I don’t want to think things about myself that make me feel like a rotten person, but maybe I’m not doing myself any favors by pretending that side of me doesn’t exist. I’ve started to introspect and pull out those things I don’t like about myself and come face to face with them so I can better understand why they happen.  It makes me start to feel less like two beings divided and quarreling between good and bad, and more like one whole being with both good and bad swirling around, amicably keeping each other in check.

I don’t think there is such a thing as absolute good or evil, so just remember that you are not a bad person just because you have some negativity in you.  It just means you’re human. 

Of course, I am a five-foot-something lion, so take my thoughts on being human for what they are worth.

Here’s To The Nights -  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9220638/13/Here-s-To-The-Nights (Chapter 13)

Plot: It’s the summer before Tori joins Hollywood Arts. Tori and Jade meet at a party and they endure a roller coaster of a summer, from passionate romance to complicated arguments, before meeting again in the fall. The summer changed everything about the girls.

Rating:  Rated M for later chapters. (Sex, drugs, alcohol etc.)

Pairing: Jade/Tori. Jori.

Northwestern Woods (Part 1/?)

Okay, so I’ve decided to write a bit of fanfic. A month ago, I didn’t even read fanfic. Now I’m crazy about it.

Enough about me, though. I don’t know if this counts as AU or if it’s something else entirely (like I said, I’m kinda new to fic). It’s basically what might have happened if Pacifica listened to her parents and left the gates closed. It’s mostly from Pacifica’s perspective, with a touch of Dipper and Mabel.

This fanfic probably sucks, but if it gets to even FIFTY notes I’m throwing myself a victory party… Bipper style (not Northwest style because the majority of them are selfish jerks. Besides, I’m cray-cray about Bipper).

This is my first fic, so don’t expect this to dump feels all over you. I mean, it might. I don’t know.


no no no

this wasn’t supposed to happen

why did the northwests have to be so stupid

they knew this was coming

they did nothing

if it wasn’t for mabel he wouldn’t have come back


was she okay

could she breathe

he couldn’t breathe


Pacifica grasped the lever that would open up the gates to her home. The lever that would stop the curse. She began to pull. The door opened a crack.

Preston Northwest gasped. “You dare disobey us?” He pulled out a small bell. The ringing stung Pacifica’s ears. She tried to block the sound, tried to block the traumatizing memories.

What would happen to everyone if she didn’t break the curse? Would they just stand there? Would the twigs turn into branches? Would they die?

Pacifica didn’t want them to die. Especially Dipper.

Dipper. He had come back for them. A look of terror frozen on his wooden face. Not as brave as he pretended to be, but still playing the hero.

Pacifica wasn’t a hero. How could she be, when all she ever did was do her parents’ bidding?

The bell kept ringing.

She just couldn’t do it.

“I’m sorry, Dipper,” she whispered. She climbed into the trapdoor. “I really am.”


breathing was difficult

lungs on fire

pine trees burn

why would he be any different

it hurt to breathe

it hurt to think

it hurt


Pacifica’s stomach grumbled. She wished she could eat another sandwich, but they were already running low. It was ridiculous. Her parents, who always had more than enough, were wasteful, eating two at a time whenever feeling even slightly hungry. Only one day had passed. Only ten sandwiches remained.

She wasn’t sure how, but the ghost couldn’t get into the panic room. He was noisy, though, screaming at the top of his lungs and smashing his axe through the floorboards above.

They were running out of time. Food was becoming scarce. This was the longest she’d ever gone without showering. The Northwests weren’t going to last another day, let alone a week.

Without warning, the ground began to rumble. Pacifica fell to the floor, slicing her delicate hands on the broken glass from the last time this happened. She only had seconds to nurse her wound before the laws of nature snapped.

Pacifica’s hair, which had been brushed thoroughly only hours before, rose above her, tangling itself around the other objects floating toward the low ceiling. Mr. and Mrs. Northwest clung onto every valuable item they could reach.

The first time it happened was hours ago, when nobody was prepared. One of the reasons they didn’t have enough food was because the Northwests refused to eat anything that touched the ground. But the sandwiches still rose and fell, falling with a splat.

Were ghosts supposed to be able to switch gravity? She supposed so, since they could lift things in the air and chuck them across the room. Dipper probably knew.

Why didn’t she open up the gates to the commoners? Why couldn’t she just be a rebel for once?

The gravity switch was lasting longer than the other three times. Were they going to last longer and longer each time until it eventually lasted forever? Pacifica did not want that to happen.

A bright light shone through the cracks of the trapdoor. If they were outside, they could have been blinded. That was odd, since the first three times, there was no light. The gravity switched again, and everything was normal.


what was going on

why couldn’t she move

why couldn’t she breathe

something pressing against her chest

but there was nothing there

only emptiness


Pacifica couldn’t stand it any longer. She walked calmly towards the ladder, careful not to wake her sleeping parents or the butler. Her heels just barely balanced on the rungs as she climbed.

“Pacifica Elise Northwest! What do you think you’re doing?”

She turned, glancing down at her parents. Preston stood below, his hand poised to ring the dreaded bell.

“I’m going to open the gates.”

He rang the bell.

Impulse took over. She started down the ladder. She couldn’t save anyone. Her fear and selfishness was too strong.She was just another link in the world’s worst chain. Dipper was right all along.

But what else had Dipper said? “Just because you’re your parents’ daughter doesn’t mean you have to be like them.” The words rang louder than the bell. They shook the fear right out of her.


Preston dropped the bell in surprise. “What do you mean, no?”

She swallowed. “"I-I’m going to let everybody in. I’m going to stop the curse.” She wobbled on the ladder, almost losing her balance. Stupid high heels. Stupid parents. Stupid ghost.

Mrs. Northwest narrowed her eyes. “Think about what you’re doing. Do you really want to let a bunch of nasty people into our beautiful home?”

Pacifica began her careful climb up the ladder. “Mom, we can’t even be in our home. I have to save everyone before it’s too late.” Before they starved.

“We’ll think of another way.”

“This is the only way!”

“Think about what you are doing!”

“I am thinking! For the first time in one hundred fifty years, a Northwest is actually thinking!”

“Young lady-”

“I HAVE TO SAVE THEM!” Pacifica screamed, mascara running down her cheeks.

Her parents looked at each other.

”I have to save them,” she repeated. “All of those people are important for a reason. If we don’t break the curse…well, I have to free them.” Especially the most important person of all. The person she couldn’t stand just days ago.

Pacifica pushed the trap door open. There was nothing her parents could do to stop her.

“Hey ghost! You want me to-”

She was wasting her breath. The ghost was gone.

If it wasn’t the ghost switching gravity, what was?

He had kept his promise. Everybody was still wood. Most had landed at odd angles when the gravity switched. The living taxidermy was still moving about, but seemed to be less villainous. It was almost as if there was a forest growing in her home.

The Northwest Woods.

She walked around carefully, staring at the statues with terror and sadness. How could she do this? Why did she have to be so afraid of the bell? All of this could have been avoided.

She paused for a moment when she reached Mabel. Suddenly, she didn’t seem so bad. Sure, she was ridiculous and weird. But, kind of like Dipper, her weird quirks suddenly seemed more interesting.

When she reached Dipper, Pacifica winced. The wood was chipped from the gravity changes. She heaved him back to a standing position.

After everything she did to him, he still believed in her. Still comforted her when she felt useless. When she felt like there was nothing she could do about who she was, because she was just another spoiled Northwest.

He still believed in her, and she betrayed him.

There was only one perk of everybody being wood.

There was nobody to judge her every move. Nobody to force her tears to halt.


was that mabel

he needed mabel

he needed to wake up

he needed oxygen

in the end he wouldn’t receive those three wishes

in the end

this was the end

Okay, that’s all for now! Part 2 coming soon!

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♞ (You can pick who)

♞: Caring for each other while ill

1350. Even Blue Blood bodies could get sick. It was rare and took quite the virus to make their bodies weak, though the sickness would quickly pass. But even their immortal bodies were not immune to the Plague. Never before had Aislinn seen a disease like this, one that so quickly took over and destroyed. Thousands of people had already died, hundreds more everyday. So many Red Bloods had come to her apothecary, begging her to save their loved ones. But there was nothing even she could do for them. She herself was lucky that the disease had not caught a hold of her. Not everyone had the same fortune though. Even her own people were suffering, especially those still not yet transitioned or those in their Sunset Years. Which was why she was in her carriage, stopping at the manor of a Blue Blood family. Aislinn hurried herself inside, making sure a cloth was wrapped tightly around her mouth and nose. The servants held her to one of the upstairs bedrooms, where a newly transitioning Agares was laying in a hot sweat. Her body was in the process changing from human to vampyre and unfortunately for her, she was still human enough to have caught the disease. Fortunately her symptoms did not seem to be progressing very quickly, with her vampyre blood fighting the virus inside of it and expelling it. It was only because of that she was sure to survive. “Do not worry,” Aislinn said softly to the other angel as she laid a cool wet cloth onto her forehead to try and bring down her fever and the girl began to rouse from her sleep, “You shall be alright.” 

Photo by _peaceloveslim
Click https://instagram.com/p/1yQodqtvVr/ to communicate with them.

Satan is REALLY REALLY trying make me feel like all is lost 😂😂. Between health issues, financial issues, and school Lord knows I’ve been overwhelmed!!! Now to top it alllll off..I’ve pulled my hamstring pretty bad.. The one thing I love to do (yoga) I can’t do 😕. But I am more than a conqueror and I’m already victorious!!!! You won’t win. I will not be stopped, I can not be defeated. #yoga #yogadaily #yoc #yogaeverydamnday #yogismakebetterlovers #blackyogi #blackgirlyoga #blackwomendoyoga #blackqueenmovement #consciousqueen #colorsofyoga #selflove #selfrespect #selfinvestment #vibratehigher #yogawithslim

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#KCKO60 Day 9

First off, I never thought I’d make it 9 days into a challenge. Or 9 days into anything. I normally give up after the first day or so. So I’m celebrating the small victories!

Now: Would you ever go Paleo-Keto? How about dairy free for a few days?

The only thing about going paleo is that I would have to drop the dairy, and that’s a no go for me. I love cheese and milk and yogurt. Those are my staples sometimes.

But because this is a challenge I will go dairy free for 3 days! The past few days my responses have been kinda so time to get my butt back in gear!

Also I picked up some Potassium today, so hopefully I won’t be as crampy and sore!

So come Monday we shall see how well dairy free has gone for me.

I'm getting so frustrated

I’m working out like a fucking mad woman (minus my rest days) and the scale is not moving. I’m physically stronger so I know I’m gaining muscle and that’s why I’m not seeing the number move but it’s annoying. Im tired of staring at the same number. Note to self, abandon the scale, it’s making you crazy.

It really sucks when someone doesn’t even give a shit about you. Like you confide in them with such personal things, and they don’t even check up on you. They don’t even care. Then when you try to be there and explain why you’ve been MIA due to REALLY stressful things happening, all they wanna do is talk about themselves. THATS IT. And trust me, I’m happy about your victories, your new journeys, your successes. But god dammit BE THERE FOR PEOPLE. IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD TO ASK HOW SOMEONE IS. HOW SOMEONE ELSES LIFE IS GOING BESIDES YOUR OWN. You wouldn’t know how I am or how anyone is because YOU CAN ONLY TALK ABOUT AND THINK ABOUT YOUR GODDAMN SELF. We tried. You didn’t.