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Bill spat at his counter part, glaring at him through his red eye, the eye patch covering his other eye torn. He glared at the demon, spitting out the blood that flooded in his mouth. "Is that really the worst you could do Cipher? I'm ashamed. I would have thought I was better than this. I'm almost ashamed to call you that. Cipher. Would you prefer William?" He smirked, but it wasn't as cutting as it should have been. The body wasn't used to what it was being pu through. //GO AS DARK AS YOU WANT

Bill wiped the blood that was spat onto his face with his forearm, growling  quietly. “OH THATS JUST LIKE ME ISNT IT, A LITTLE TOO COCKY.” He dragged the tip of the blade gently up the alternate’s stomach and up his chest, leaving a very fine slit, almost like a papercut, up his body. He had restrained the other with glowing blue chains which he had created, making it almost impossible for the other to move. He leaned in close, holding the knife up to the Other’s neck. “I DONT THINK YOURE IN ANY POSITION TO BE MAKING COMMENTS LIKE THAT.”

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“I never imagined you were so… ticklish.”

Stanley blushed, but was obviously angry, staring at the demon. “”A-Are you kidding me? I’m not ticklish Cipher! Where do you get that idea!?”” It was obvious, however, he was holding back a laugh, trying to prove his point, and failing. He hated being poked in the side like that. It always gave him a weird feeling and made him laugh even though he hated it. He took a step back from the demon, trying to cover his sides.

holy shit I hate reading and I have never had an interest in anything fanfic related but I’m on a Bill Cipher fic spree holy shit wtf im in love with a dorito

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im so not in game of thrones mode that when you said “the ravens” i immediately pictured the entirety of the nfl team the baltimore ravens saying “snow! snow! snow!”


au where jon is the mascot for the baltimore ravens. he wears this and gets even more sweaty than he already is.