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YUNG BAE is a 3rd year student at Portland State University, Oregon. He studies general studies for the moment but he’s working towards a Graphic Design degree.

His music is essentially Future Funk with his own twist on it. His main influences include マクロスm a c r o s s 82-99オウムのジャングルPARROT JUNGLE 95Rollergirl and KEV//BOT

He’s got a couple of secret projects he’s busy working on that will be revealed real soon. “As for future plans, don’t have a lot. Just got asked to play a handful of shows and that’s about it.”

Check out his first album, ’ Bae’ available on his Bandcamp page:http://yungbaebae.bandcamp.com/album/baeScopitone’s favourite track would be ‘Take My Love’! 

Here’s his SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/therealyungbae and Twitter: @yungbaee

Starburst Galaxy M82

Plumes of glowing hydrogen blast from the central nucleus of M82. The pale, star-like objects are clusters of tens to hundreds of thousands of stars.

Credit: NASAESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Acknowledgment: J. Gallagher (University of Wisconsin), M. Mountain (STScI), and P. Puxley (National Science Foundation)


This image shows the most detailed view ever of the core of Messier 82 (M 82), also known as the Cigar Galaxy. Rich with dust, young stars and glowing gas, M 82 is both unusually bright and relatively close to Earth. The starburst galaxy is located around 12 million light-years away in the constellation of Ursa Major (The Great Bear).

Using filters transparent only to the wavelengths emitted by specific chemical elements, as in this image, isolates the light from glowing gas clouds, while blocking out much of the starlight. This explains why the stars appear faint in this image, and why the dust lanes are sharply silhouetted against the brightly glowing gas clouds.

The image shows the light emitted by sulfur (shown in red), visible and ultraviolet light from oxygen (shown green and blue, respectively), and light from hydrogen (cyan).

credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA


Il centro di Messier 82 visto nelle onde radio molto lunghe

Il radiotelescopio gigante Lofar, che ha il suo cuore in Olanda e sedi distribuite sparse in Germania, Svezia, Francia e Regno Unito, ha cominiciato a produrre immagini di alta qualità nella regione dello spettro elettromagnetico di sua competenza: le onde radio molto lunghe. La prima immagine dall'alto ne è un esempio: è la più nitida che sia mai stata realizzata a tali frequenze del centro di Messier 82, la cosiddetta Galassia Sigaro. Ottenuta combinando i dati ricavati dalle onde radio a 2,5 metri / 118 MHz (color arancio) con quelli a 1,9 metri / 154 MHz (colore blu), l'immagine del Lofar mostra una zona ampia 3.300 anni luce. La regione appare nelle onde radio ben diversa dalla caotica congerie di stelle, gas e polveri visibile nelle immagine ottiche di M 82 (si veda per esempio la seconda immagine dall'alto, acquisita con il telescopio William Herschel nel 2010). Ciò che la vista prodotta dal Lofar mostra è una serie di nubi diffuse di plasma, cioè di particelle elettricamente cariche, all'interno delle quali spiccano sedici punti circoscritti e luminosi: si tratta di resti di supernovae esplose nel cuore di M 82. Questa galassia, distante circa 11,5 milioni di anni luce da noi, forma stelle con un ritmo molto più veloce della Via Lattea. Lo studio di come i resti di supernova interagiscono con l'ambiente circostante, ovvero di come onde elettromagnetiche di differente lunghezza passino attraverso le nubi di plasma, permetterà ai ricercatori di comprendere qualcosa di più sui meccanismi che alimentano una fabbrica di stelle come M 82.

M8, or the Cigar Galaxy, is the companion galaxy to M81.  It was discovered in 1774, also by Johann Elbert Bode.  It is typically classified as an “irregular galaxy,” though some may call it a “distorted disk.” It is comprised heavily of star-forming regions and, in the infrared, it is the brightest galaxy in the sky.  Like M81, it is 12,000kly from earth and 8.4 in magnitude. 

This is a photo of my young naked wife taken on her 18th birthday as she got undresses to go swimming in our pool with our 82 year old neighbor and his 5 friends. He had been our neighbor for a year and he and my wife had become close. She told me he reminded her of her own grand dad. She would go over to his home twice a week to clean his house, and she did it in the nude, as he liked watching her work. 

Now she had began inviting the old vets over to our home to swim with her. They wore trunks but she swam naked, which they really enjoyed. After swimming, they would sit around and visit on our patio, and she would take turns sitting in their laps as they told her stories about the war. She said the old guys really enjoyed her hairy pussy, as that was how the girls wore them when they were young. I hope someday when I’m 82 that an 18 year old girl will show kindness to me that she did for them. They are all gone now, but hopefully they never forgot the times she gave them.


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So basically u follow no one :((( ur missing out on some really great blogs

I’m pretty sure following 82 blogs is not ‘no one’. I hate that I have to justify choices that are really nobody else’s business. I am always open for finding new blogs. I’m a little picky, that’s all.

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