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The most beautiful smile I ever saw… was infallible. It was a side-aching, laughing too hard, kind of smile. He was hunched over, one hand on the wall, the other grasping his stomach. I stood there, dormant, unable to move, even if I tried, I knew I was in too deep. I knew from that moment on, I wouldn’t be able to think about anybody else’s smile. You inadvertently made me be in love, that’s when I realised, you are going to be the one that ruins me. You’re going to be the one that I’ll being telling stories about until I’m 82 and breathing my last breath.
—  the most beautiful smile I ever saw… was yours.

The following is an ancient prosthetic eye, on a female skeleton who is about 4800 years old. The skeleton was 1.82 m tall (6 feet), much taller than ordinary women of the time. This young woman lived in what would now be Iran. Experts say that at first glance it looks like tar mixed with animal fat, but further investigation is needed to conclude the real materials that make up the eye. 

Take My Love
  • Take My Love
  • Bae

YUNG BAE is a 3rd year student at Portland State University, Oregon. He studies general studies for the moment but he’s working towards a Graphic Design degree.

His music is essentially Future Funk with his own twist on it. His main influences include マクロスm a c r o s s 82-99オウムのジャングルPARROT JUNGLE 95Rollergirl and KEV//BOT

He’s got a couple of secret projects he’s busy working on that will be revealed real soon. “As for future plans, don’t have a lot. Just got asked to play a handful of shows and that’s about it.”

Check out his first album, ’ Bae’ available on his Bandcamp page:http://yungbaebae.bandcamp.com/album/baeScopitone's favourite track would be 'Take My Love'! 

Here’s his SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/therealyungbae and Twitter: @yungbaee

Starburst Galaxy M82

Plumes of glowing hydrogen blast from the central nucleus of M82. The pale, star-like objects are clusters of tens to hundreds of thousands of stars.

Credit: NASAESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Acknowledgment: J. Gallagher (University of Wisconsin), M. Mountain (STScI), and P. Puxley (National Science Foundation)


This image shows the most detailed view ever of the core of Messier 82 (M 82), also known as the Cigar Galaxy. Rich with dust, young stars and glowing gas, M 82 is both unusually bright and relatively close to Earth. The starburst galaxy is located around 12 million light-years away in the constellation of Ursa Major (The Great Bear).

Using filters transparent only to the wavelengths emitted by specific chemical elements, as in this image, isolates the light from glowing gas clouds, while blocking out much of the starlight. This explains why the stars appear faint in this image, and why the dust lanes are sharply silhouetted against the brightly glowing gas clouds.

The image shows the light emitted by sulfur (shown in red), visible and ultraviolet light from oxygen (shown green and blue, respectively), and light from hydrogen (cyan).

credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

M8, or the Cigar Galaxy, is the companion galaxy to M81.  It was discovered in 1774, also by Johann Elbert Bode.  It is typically classified as an “irregular galaxy,” though some may call it a “distorted disk.” It is comprised heavily of star-forming regions and, in the infrared, it is the brightest galaxy in the sky.  Like M81, it is 12,000kly from earth and 8.4 in magnitude. 

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He’d also be one of those tenured profs who demand ridiculous, unreasonable things from his students, and word gets around and John’s popularity skyrockets bc he’s so much nicer and gives easier exams and Sherlock is like I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Sherlock: Evaluations are stupid, anyway. They’re artificial and they don’t mean anything. 

John: Just because I’m ranked 4.82 stars and you’re ranked…1.7?

Sherlock: They’re pointless. 

John: “This professor knows his stuff but I wouldn’t recommend taking this class if you ever have personal relationships ever, because this professor sometimes just likes to announce who’s shagging who in the class.” Do you do that? 

Sherlock: (sulky) Sometimes. Only when it’s obvious. 

John: Sherlock, you can’t do that. 

Sherlock: What does this comment mean on your evaluations? “Professor Watson is a godsend, he only makes you do work that is relevant to the class. I took Professor Holmes’s organic chemistry class and he had us turn in a ten-page paper describing our impressions of what sort of person wears every type of perfume we could think of.” …Is he *complaining* about that? Because that was important work!

i threw a wish in the well
but the penny spit back up
heads or tails, it wouldn’t say
sitting on it’s edge just
to tease me

this tug of war isn’t funny
when my heart is on the
line, and the rope keeps
coming up short, i’m sick of
spending sleepless nights
inspecting everything you do
in hopes that it conveys
some sort of tenderness

don’t blink, don’t look away
when i catch your gaze
everything unspoken
is confessed in the eyes
and i’m dying to
read them

your cup is brimming
but i don’t want to
take a sip
until it’s full

—  i’m 82% sure he likes me but i wish he would just come out and say it - c.h.

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We need Tricia and her percentages for Maks' whereabouts!!! I'm currently at 82% LA, 14% Tokyo, 3% Utaho and 1% Switzerland.

I joked with her earlier that I was at 37%.  She will have to wake up and give you her percentage.  Maybe it has changed since then.  trocoloca

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hi yes I know I'm 82 years late but exchange student was literally like the best thing I've read in forever :3 it's a jolly shame you deleted it *sips tea sadly*

aw mAN that fics some real prehistorical shit i’m surprised u still remember it but thank u so much anyway!! <3 *