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I found a blister beetle once and luckily looked it up before I thought about touching it. Do you think blister beetles are cool?

I think Coleoptera are cool in general but I especially like blister beetles!  They’ve often got really sweet aposematic coloring to warn their predators of their cantharidin secretion.  Another thing I find fascinating about them is that humans collect a species of blister beetle and use it as an aphrodisiac.  Lytta vesicatoria is an emerald green blister beetle (often called spanish fly) that is used for an aphrodisiac.

Lisa Marlow - 28 - Forger - Lyssa - Yvonne Strahovski - OPEN

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

To Forget The Past

Lyssa (or Lytta, according to the Athenians) is the goddess of mad rage, fury and frenzy, as well as rabies in animals. She is one of the many children of Nyx, born from the blood of Ouranos, caused by his castration by Cronos.

Even though she sounds intimidating, Lyssa is more of a tool than an independent goddess. She caused rabies to Aktaion’s hounds, driving them mad to the point of tearing their boss apart and Dionysus sent her to cause madness to the Minyades. However, her biggest achievement came when she operated under the orders of Hera who commanded her to inflict Heracles with insanity, making him kill his wife and children, leading to the famous twelve labours as an as an act of expiation.

You Have To Build A Future

Lisa Marlow used to be a member of a big family, known as “Cosa Nostra”, or simply the Italian-American Mafia. Being of Italian descent herself, she can’t remember herself not being in it. Born in Sicily, her parents, mobsters themselves, raised their only daughter to be like them; fast, fatal, ruthless.

She grew up to be one of the finest, so the whole family moved to Chicago to continue their business, cooperating with American associates. However, organized crime is not easy and not everything went as planned. During a forgery exchange, the buyers decided their identity should be kept secret, so they murdered Lisa’s parents in cold blood. She managed to run and even though the Mob could have protected her, she made a different decision; she sold them out. 

Nowadays, eight years later, Witness Protection has moved her to New York. She tries to act like a normal person, friendly and kind, but her old instincts cannot die easily. Even though everything seems secure, Lisa lives in constant fear that her old family will discover her whereabouts and the future will stop looking that bright for her.

Five facts about Lisa Marlow

1. She does not hesitate to talk about the past, since she has an impeccable cover story.

2. Her real name is Elisabetta Marcone.

3. She is always prepared to ran away.

4. She is a great liar.

5. Her natural hair color is black, but she had to dye it blonde as part of her identity change.