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Discovering The Fashunz With Lyst

I don’t know about you guys, but the European fashion week frenzy has got me lusting after all the latest designer collections. I basically want to buy an entirely new wardrobe and luckily, I just discovered Lyst, which is basically a way to shop everything from ASOS to Piperlime to designer duds all from one place. All you have to do is create an account (check mine out here) and you can follow influencers, stylists, and brands to see what people are “lysting” as their current wants and must-haves. You’ll get customized recommendations based on who you follow so you’ll be sure get products that cater to your specific tastes and your Lyst experience will be totally unique. The best part, too, is that you can create as many lysts as you want and you’ll get notified when an item you lyst goes on sale. Hellooo shopping spree! It’s great for Christmas lists, birthday shopping guides, or just as a place to store your fashion wants for upcoming seasons.

Here’s a lyst I created with some of my current wants. In typical “Closet Freaks” fashion, my list sticks to a theme of sophisticated black and whites. I mean, you can never go wrong with a strong monochromatic look in my opinion. Check out some of my picks and be sure to sign up for lyst and follow me to keep up with my latest must-haves. Happy Shopping!



Q&A with Natasha of Shalai

Meet the lovely Natasha of Shalai. A style all her own, Natasha gives you a dose of her life in London, a recent transplant from Hong Kong. With style, a “certified” chef’s hat and a knack for combining simple pieces to create a killer look, we’d like you to meet our newest Blogger of the Week. Check out why.

What is your favourite undiscovered blog/website?
Kiki from The Imaginist ( sets up and takes the cutest photos ever. She shows so much personality through her images without being the slightest bit pretentious.

If you could steal someone’s career, whose would you choose?
I’m torn between Taylor Tomasi Hill’s career and one like Jamie Oliver.

What’s your most embarrassing fashion mistake?
I was running super late for work once, and threw on the first thing I saw (a brand new sheer white shirt). When I got to work my colleague came over with a pair of scissors and pointed out that I forgot to cut off the tag that was showing through the shirt!

What is your favourite movie wardrobe?
In the Mood for Love - it’s not necessarily something I wish I could rock but the costumes in that movie are carried so unbelievably well by the characters, especially Maggie Cheung.

Words to live by/best advice you have ever been given? Try not to care what other people think of you - I think the older you get the more you realize that people have bigger things on their mind other than caring about what you’re wearing or how you’re acting. The most important opinion is your own!

Most treasured possession?
My phone - sad, I know, but I have loved ones spread around the world that I communicate with daily using that thing!

Leather or lace?
Leather for sure

New York or London?
London (I can’t believe I just said that), but probably because when I lived in New York it was for school, so I didn’t have the time to enjoy it like I should have

Name a style item in your closet you think everyone “must” have.
A forever black leather moto jacket

Love or Lust?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, out of sight out of mind?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes

Talent you would love to have?
Dog whisperer

Describe your “getting ready” ritual.
I choose my outfits according to one key item, so for example I’ll pick a pair of pants and make everything work around that! Accessories, make up and hair come last, and since I recently hacked off all my hair that part normally takes the longest.

Favourite designer?
Alexander Wang

What keeps you up at night?
Singing! No joke, sometimes I can’t stop singing in my head and it keeps me up for hours. It’s like an all night radio in there.

Where’s home?
Hong Kong

Tell us a secret.
I can’t/won’t wear white socks.

What’s your favourite fashion tip?
Go with your gut feeling, if you are even the  slightest bit hesitant about your outfit then chances are you need to change!

If you could buy anything in Lyst right now, what would it be?
This Givenchy Antigona Bag. I’m so majorly in love with that bag
Check out her Lyst & shop her picks!

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