Have you ever noticed

When it’s silent in the city, 

And the walls all fall away,

And the bricks begin to crumble,

And the sun sinks behind buildings,

And the trees sway in the breeze,

There is something kind of beautiful,

But this beauty is ugly?

And we people on the outside,

We are terrified by stories, 

And it’s these that make us fearful,

And they’re why we close our eyes,

To all the little things that happen here,

The sounds that sometimes come.

As we hide away in cars,

We are afraid to know the city,

We don’t care to see the people,

Those who sit out on their porches,

And the silence doesn’t scare them,

And it’s here that they are happy,

But we don’t stay to see them smile.

It all falls apart around them.

There’s a shot out in the city,

It’s a camera in the darkness,

And the flash lights all the people,

And it captures all the moments, 

Finds the ones who are not coming,

And the ones that dare to stay.