Trusting Online Friends: Risky or not?

I really don’t know how but my friends here on tumblr got my trust easily. They aren’t quite a lot but I trust them the way I trust my real life friends. I feel really comfortable talking with them even though we haven’t met. Sharing my life stories with them is just fine with me, totally fine.

It’s just a week since the Pampanga Titigan Tumblr Meet Up event took place but my bond with the Kapampangan bloggers was as if we already knew each other for a long period of time. I also have other friends who are from Manila and Bataan and we started exchanging text messages not too long ago. And if they would visit my place and ask me if I could meet them, I would be very much willing to.

I have read posts saying online friendship is temporary, but still, I’m very much willing to take the risk because it’s not different at all from real life friendship. They’re both temporary. What makes me feel comfortable in talking with and trusting my online friends more is that they can’t use against me whatever I share with them. Unlike in real life friendship, you’ll give your trust to someone then if something wrong will happen between the two of you, he/she will use everything against you. Who wouldn’t agree with me?  I think everyone experienced it already.

So if people would tell me to stop because it is risky, NAH! I won’t stop and I will take the risk. ~

Please allow me to promote my other blog. :>

Prehistoric man in the modern world. -

Here’s the reason why I created a new blog. Well, The inspiration came up a while ago after I actually finish reading everything on my new friend’s blog. Yes, I read everything in his blog. You must see it yourself. Well, I guess, everyone knows him already. Thank you Mark Louie (itsmarklouie) for inspiring me. :”>

I found his blog properly arranged. I got inspired and I planned on cleaning my blog to, deleting unnecessary posts and putting other posts in private. But It’s already impossible for me to do it. I’ve been using this blog for almost three years already and I have created a lot of posts. 1610 to be exact.

As I was deleting a while ago, I got tired and when I look at how far have I went, I only reached page 46 which is obviously not that far enough.  And as I was reading my older posts, I found out that out of 1610 posts, maybe 1600 of them are senseless posts and only 10 are worth reading. Jokeee. 

So instead of cleaning my old blog, I just created a new one which will contain all my long posts and random thoughts. I’ll try to make it more of a blog worth following. :)

I guess, that’s it. Thank you for reading this and please follow my other blog.

Ako nang touched, sige. :))

I told two of my BESTEST FRIENDS my secret. And they have the same reaction which was: "Kahit maging ano ka man, andito lang ako para sayo." or.. "kahit na anu ka pa, hinding hindi magbbgo tingin ko sayo! :))) grbe. you’re one of my bestfriend no! :D"

Ihhh.. I <3 YOU BOTH! :)))

No girlfriend since birth, still happy cause I'm free.

The title says it all. I never had a girlfriend before. I never courted anyone.  It’s not because I’m gay, but because I’m man enough to admit that I’m not yet ready emotionally and financially. I just don’t want to be like those others who enter a relationship just for the sake of showing everybody that they can already handle a relationship where in fact, they still can’t.

Yes, I fell in love before.  And that’s what made me realized that I’m still unstable for relationships. I’m not yet ready to commit myself to someone because I’m already committed to other things. My time is already divided and I don’t want to divide it more. For now, I want to prioritize more important things and that is my studies.

I want to enjoy life more and I can say I’m enjoying my life now without even entering into a relationship. I think, it’s better to hang out with friends, spend all you money on a night out and bar hops than to be stressed trying to solve immature issues and childish problems between you and your girlfriend.

If people would say that my life will be boring because I never experienced entering into a relationship when I was a teenager, then they’re wrong. I am happy now, even without it. One more thing, I’m already satisfied!  I’m satisfied with the love given to me by the people around me and I need not to look for more.  

First dance.

Kagabi ang graduation ball namin. nung una, halos mga fast songs. Kung wala lang slow songs yung mga teachers, puro fast songs ang tutugtugin. hahaha. Anyways, nung magpapapicture sana kami sa photobooth na naghintay kami ng kay tagal tagaaaal, pnuntahan ako ng friend ko na kasama siya. Niyaya nya ako sumayaw. Ayun, di kami nakapag-papicture. Hahahahaha. First dance ko siya.  Nakakainis lang eh. Di ko siya maintindihan if gusto niya talaga ako or what. Ang gulo talaga ng lalaking to. Pasalamat nga siya na may nagkakagusto pa sa knya eh. Feeling ko no? Mas mafeeling siya. Ugh. Di ko nga alam kung bakit ginusto ko siya in the first place eh. t(-.-t) Pero at least hindi siya yung first ang last ko. Hahahaha. Sinayaw din ako ng best friend kong si Justine, Lyronhide, at isa pang friend ko sa ibang section. 

Masaya naman ang Graduation ball namin. Hihi. :)

The story behind my Iphone.

During my last year as a High school student, My Mom promised to give me the latest gadget if and only if I would make her walk up the stage. Obviously, She wanted me to become an honor student. I felt hopeless because I was a “star-section” kicked-out.

Since elementary, I have always been at the bottom. I never experienced being at the middle and obviously, being on top. I was always the cut-off line. I even experienced my teacher talking in front of class discussing how the administration adjusted the cut-off grade for me not to be kicked out.

Going back to the story behind my iPhone, It’s not really the iPhone which was important to me, What I was actually working for at that time was actually my desire for my parents to be proud of me. I really made a big adjustment at that time. The happy-go-lucky part of me transformed into a grade conscious individual. 

And I’m proud to say that I did it. During the first grading period, I was expecting that I won’t be the bottom anymore. I was expecting to be somewhere at the middle. I was totally speechless and surprise that everyone in school is congratulating me. Only to find out that the Top 15 of each year level was posted along the corridors. I was jumping in glee when I saw my name in the list. Yes, I was right, I wasn’t at the bottom.

So if there is one *thing* that I treasure the most, It is my iPhone. Not because it is pretty expensive, but because it is significant in my life. For me, it symbolizes hope. Every time I feel hopeless, I will just look at my iPhone and it always reminds me how hopeless I was in the past, how I tried everything I never imagined doing, and how I succeeded in my goals in life. ~  

RF: Iyakin ako :|

Kadalasan akong niloloko dito sa bahay kasi minsan, nakikita nila ako na bigla bigla nalang umiiyak. May magagawa ba ako eh nakakatouch ang movie na pinapanood ko eh! Simula noon, Hangang ngayon, iniiyakan ko ang mga nakakatouch na part ng isang movie. Kahit na ilang beses ko ulit ulitin ang movie na yun, Mapapaiyak parin ako. :>


Bestfriend.  Ang sarap sa pakiramdam yung alam mong mayroong isang tao na palaging andyan sa tabi mo. Yung sasamahan ka kapag nalulungkot ka, yung tatabihan ka kapag magisa ka, yung yayakapin ka kapag kailangan mo ng isang mahigpit na yakap at yung taong magmamahal sayo kahit na hindi naman siya obligadong mahalin ka.

Pero ang pinakamahirap sa pagkakaroon ng matalik na kaibigan ay yung kapag lalaki ka at babae siya. Hindi malayo na mahulog ang loob mo sakanya. Tulad ko, Hindi lang ako nabiyayaan ng magandang bestfriend. Matalino at mabait pa. Close to perfect na nga talaga eh at tulad din ng iba, Nahulog na ako ng tuluyan sakanya.

Ilan beses ko din linoko ang sarili ko at pilit kong pigilan ang nararamdaman ko dahil hindi pwede pero tulad nga ng sinabi nila, ang sarili ko lang ang kaisa-isang hindi ko maloloko at tuluyan ko na ngang inamin sa sarili ko na nahulog nako sakanya ng tuluyan. At sa tuwing naiisipan kong ipaglaban yung nararamdaman ko ay lagi naman akong pinipigilan nung pagiging magbestfriend namen. Ang hirap kasi eh.

Pero sa mga araw na lumipas, napagisip-isip ko rin na hindi naman kailangan ng titolo para maipakita ng dalawang tao ang tunay na pagmamahalan. Yun lang tumagal kami ng halos 5 taon bilang matalik na magkaibigan, Sapat na para maipangalandakan naming na mahal naming ang isa’t isa.  

I pledged to commit myself. <3

My day was actually a bit dull. No totally dull because no one dared to text me. Well, Aside from that, I stayed at home and I didn’t go to work so hello slow internet connection. Anyways, I was about to sleep at around 4:00 when my mom asked me to dress up. She didn’t tell me where we are about to go so I thought we’ll be going to the mall so I wear something really nice.

So we stayed at her office for about one hour. Oh! I got a wireless mouse from a client. It was actually a gift for my Mom but since my Mom has her mouse already, I just took it from her. Anyways, it was around 6:00 when we left her office and went to Gueco Elem. School, a public school in our Subdivision.

Only to find out, there’s this orphanage thing happening inside the school. I was so shocked because what I was wearing is not suitable for that event. You know, I could have worn something simple so at least, the kids would find me approachable.

So there were 120 kids and around 90 volunteers. Then they introduced me to the Council of the said organization and there, I pledge to commit myself for this organization for the next and succeeding years. So I started a while ago. They asked me to judge the room decorations made by the kids. Oh, one more thing, I found out that these 120 kids are all orphans. They don’t have family which made me more certain in joining the organization.

My day was made because of these kids. I felt as if it was Christmas again because their activity for today was a Christmas Party. Just try to imagine little kids singing Christmas songs as you enter inside the classroom with their big smiles. Aww. It’s lovely!

I guess this is really my life. I am born for this. 

A very prolific year for me and for everyone! :>

Halos patapos ang taon. Ilang oras nalang ang natitira at isang panibagong taon nnman ang magsisimula. Ang saya diba? Pero bago matapos ang taon, tulad ng ibang mga bloggers, magandang balikan ang mga nangyare sa nakaraan.

Nagsimula ako dito ng ika-2 ng August sa hindi ko maipaliwanag na dahilan. Oo, hindi ko tlga alam kung bakit ako nagsign up dito eh hindi naman ako tlga mahilig sa pagbblog. Pero dahil narin siguro sa mga blogs na patuloy kong sinusubaybayan kaya natutunan ko narin mahalin ang TUMBLR. 

Salamat sa mga kaibigan ko sa school na kaibigan ko din dito sa tumblr! :> Salamat din sa mga kaibigan  ko na dito ko lang sa cyberworld nakakausap. Yun bang hangang TAs lang kame pero masaya na ako. 

Salamat sa inyong lahat na finollow ko, followers ko, at readers. Naging very worth it ang pagsign up ko sa blogsite na ito. Madami akong natutunan from all of you. At dahil diyan…

MAHAL KO KAYONG LAHAT! :) Mabuhay ang tumblr at lahat ng taong bumubuo dito! :)

RF: Mahilig ako sa bata! :>

Hindi ako pedophile! Gusto ko lang yung kalaruan mga bata! Gusto ko silang binuburo sa luksong baboy! Yun bang halos mapaiyak na sila kasi ulit ulit na sila yung taya. Fair naman eh, nagpaparaya akong maging taya. May magagawa ba ako kung hindi nila ako kayang talunan? Lels~ 

Now is the time...

to stop but she’ll always stay here. (turo sa puso)

Kbye. Last na talaga tong kacornihan na to. puro stories of my life na ang magiging laman ng tumblr ko, i hope na maenjoy niyo ang kwento ng buhay ko! lol. sa Monday ako magsstart. 

RF: Takot ako sa lobo :/

Takot ako sa lobo maslalo na yung pinapalobo palang! :) Madami na kasing beses na naputukan ako sa mukha kaya siguro natrauma na ako sa mga lobo na yan. :|