Nostalgia | CLOSED


“LyricLyricLyric I have the cutest-..” 

Sapphire halted in her steps. Today was one of those days where she wondered if bursting in uninvited wasn’t a good idea. Sure, Lyric was probably used to her materialising without warning by now, but there was a distinct… aura about the place. There was no doubt in her mind that something had happened, and the tension felt as though it had been there for days.

She sighed, striding towards where she could feel Lyric, leaning in the doorway and watching him with a little smile, “Now you could give me your ‘everything’s fine’ act or we could cut to the chase. I recommend cutting to the chase; it means the happy ‘catching up’ period can soften the moment.” She sat down beside him, a tiny frown of concern on her brow, “What’s happened?”