The Suits Anti-Reposting Campaign has begun.

Due to the overwhelming amount of reposts floating around in the Suits tags, a campaign has been launched in defense of the graphic makers and artists who create these works of art.

Suits Reposts is dedicated to both educating people about reposting and putting an end to reposting itself within Suits fandom. 

In order to prevent false accusations, all reposts will be verified before being reblogged. There will also be a link to the original post so that any users can reblog the original graphic (any reposted graphic you’ve reblogged by accident should immediately be deleted).

If at all possible, all reposters will be notified and given a chance to delete their posts before they are added to the blacklist. Hostile replies to these notifications will result in the reposters name automatically being added to the blacklist.

There will also be a notification post at least once a week with the URLs of reposters; these users should be immediately added to your ignore list.

If you repost graphics because you don’t know the source, there are links and information on the front page of the blog that show you how easy finding a source is.

If you are an artist who is reposted (be it once or multiple times), please let us know immediately by dropping us an ask or submitting the url of your original post via submit. The reason for this is that there is a database of reposted graphics that your artwork will be added to, therefore ensuring that we can deal with any reposting immediately. We can also help you with finding the necessary links to have any reposts removed from WeHeartIt or Tumblr. In addition, any information about trademarks or signature details you use in your graphics is wanted in order to help identify reposts.

Reposting is wrong. It’s artistic theft, it’s plagiarism, and we’re not going to tolerate it any more. Neither should you.


lyraelia replied to your post: L :)

I was hoping you’d go with the author option here. I’m slowly working my way through your rec list, and I’m enjoying them immensely. So, I was curious to see what you would request, and I have to say, I’m loving this little bunny a whole lot :)

I’m glad you like the rec list and my little bunny (one of hundred I’m not even kidding). Thank you so much my dear! You just made my day!



lyraelia replied to your post: lyraelia replied to your post: Late, I know. But!…

*Waves* Hi! Yep, definitely an Aussie Girl here :) I actually prefer the echidna. Not sure exactly why, but saw a couple at Currumbin Sanctuary and fell in love with them!

Oh, I used to live in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne, but for some reason I never went to the Currumbin Sanctuary. Argh! So close… I heard it’s a really good wildlife sanctuary. So you’re from Queensland?


Echidnas are super cute as well!

lyraelia asked:

L :)

L - Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for

I’m gonna go with favorite author here…if they would give me one request, I’d ask them to write one of my many plot bunnies. There are so many, I don’t even know how I function really. This one springs to mind:

Plot bunny # 827951:

AU where Mike is the artist/art gallery owner in ‘1.02 Errors and Omissions’ and Judge Donald’s boyfriend. Harvey did have a one night stand with Mike. After Harvey has Donald investigated, Mike and Donald break up and Mike starts seeing Harvey. 

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Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish?

My greatest wish is for my daughter to grow up and be the best she could possibly be, for her to live a good and healthy life and to find love.

She is the most important person in my life.