THIS IS A NETWORK FOR ALL THE TWENTY ONE PILOTS FANS WHO LIVE IN TEXAS we (lynnsey and maya) thought itd be cool to meet people in the state that like top soo we decided to make a network for it. we tried sooo hard to come up with a fair way to decide who gets in but we really want dedicated people to be a part of it so were gonna do it the normal way (also if you reblog this even if you dont live in texas but you wantt ot spread the word well love you forever)


mbf petewemtz and joshguns
reblog this post (likes wont count against you)
fill out this form
do this by may 17th (as long as i get at least 10 people by then)
MUST LIVE IN TEXAS (dont say you do when you dont thats lame)

what you get

more friends in the same state (im gonna pick about 10 people as fair as i can meaning when i decide im gonna black out urls)
a new group of top fans (like seriously its great) 
we’ll do activities like tinychats and cah and stuff
itll be fun


Julien Clerc - Mélissa (1984, France)

This a vintage french song of the year 1984 I want to dedicate to Lynnsey ! ^^

“Oooooh, mattez ma Métisse! Oooooh, ma Métisse est nue!”

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Dear Internet friend?

Holy shit. I have so many. Which one do I pick?
Dear Elana, Emma, Emily, Kris, Dusty, Jerrica, Lynnsey, Zoe, (hope I didn’t miss anyone),

I never would have thought that by joining four stupid social networks that I’d end up with friends as wonderful as these.
Thank you for sitting there and listening while I whine and complain 24/7 about such stupid things. And thank you for being there through the big stuff, too. Like, talking me through panic attacks and talking me out of doing dumb stuff.
I never say it, and I know I should, but I appreciate you guys a whole shitload of a lot. I love all of you so much, and if I could go back in time and tell my past self one thing, it’d be to stay alive, because I’d meet some wonderful friends that would make me feel comfortable and accepted.

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?? me ?? the mem e queen ? ?? ?

LYNNSEY I LOVE U AND UR BLOG A HELLA LOT srsly tho ur so pretty and super duper cool to talk to!! both of ur themes are on point and literally so is ur whole blog omfg !! heart eyes @ u petewemtz ((also url goals af????))

((send me urls))

i’ve donated 350 dollars total to lynnsey’s gofundme and her memorial acct at the bank and i feel a little better but also worse because that’s all i can do

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Name: Lynnsey

Nicknames: Lynn, Lyn

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Polysexual

Height: 5′3″

What time and date it is there: 2:43 4/24/15

Average of hours of sleep: 8 or 9?

Otps: KAISOO, Xiuhan and Sudae 

What I last said to a family member: “CAN YOU GIVE ME A SECOND” Said to my sister about helping her clean the kitchen so I could finish writing this.

One place that makes you happy and why: The kitchen of whatever house I’m in at that point in time. I do a lot of crap in the kitchen.

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 Throw blanket

The last movie I watched at the cinema: Cinderella

Three things I can’t live without: Music, Ramen, and Eyeliner

Something I plan on learning: Chinese then Korean and then Japanese.

You HAVE to listen to this song: I love you ~Akdong Musician (Literally the cutest thing in my life)

rules: just insert your answers to the questions above, then tag at least 10 followers!

I suck a tagging people for things so I’m only tagging michieneko Sorry!

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Lynnsey c:

a very beautiful name~ though I sometimes misread it as “sydney” at first sight because of the ‘ey’… you know. but I really like your name~ it flows off the tongue quite beautifully.