Tsung just completed the #blazinchallenge like it was nothing. His post challenge comments were, “its sour.” #buffalowildwings #bdubs #lynnwood #lynnhood @lkifle @juncarrington (at Buffalo Wild Wings)


I like that I’m working and making money but at times I wish they didn’t work me as much. I don’t get to do much anymore. But it’s whatever. If the money is there I’m chasing it. && when the money is gone, I’m gonna be gone with it.

I tend to hide....

I hide my frustrations and anger and sadness. These past few years living in Lynnwood, and even before, I have been trapped.

I moved here for a douche bag who was controlling and various kinds of abusive. With him I was not able to express my emotions. If I was upset he would get mad and tell me it was nothing and that I was being stupid. If I was angry, I was overreacting. This relationship ended badly and he still tries to control me (two years later).

Now a days I just have been feeling really frustrated and like I’m drowning. I try to keep my friends away from it but I can’t keep my closest friends in the dark for long. (You know who you are)

Today I had a much needed relaxing mindless day. I honestly didn’t do much of anything and it was great.

Yesterday, I was crying and today was A+ would go again. Minus my nice new hot sunburns.