Its been a while since we released a new cast, but we wanted to get this guy together and working well in time for this convention season. As we do spend roughly half our year doing local conventions of one kind or another, we often have to work within specific price brackets which means we can’t get TOO magical. With this guy, we didn’t restrict ourselves at all (which is dangerous, let me tell you).

Say hello to the first Long-tailed Lynch.
Why’s it called a lynch? Let’s just say, they have a peculiar style of hunting… one that involves large web-like snares made from detritus and specialized saliva. What? You weren’t expecting something… nice were you?

The debut Lynch features a fur you might recognize from the ‘look at this pile of test furs’ photo a couple months back. His sleek, glossy golden-brown pelt is ribboned with dark stripes, and he’s got a matching belly fur in cream that reminds me of caramel ripple ice cream (maybe I’m just craving ice cream).

He features fully articulated wings complete with thumb, capable of stretching up, out, curling around himself or tucking back. He can even grip with his wing-thumbs! His head, hands and feet are all cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted to match his body and sealed.

This guy also features one heck of a tail…. more than long enough to hang from. As always, he’s designed for a realistic range of motion without the use of easily-broken wire. His joints give him the ability to do just about anything you can think of (yes, he can balance on his tail too), and he holds a pose beautifully.At roughly 2’ 4” long, with a 2’ wingspan, and standing approximately 7” tall on all fours, he cuts an impressive figure.

Unfortunately this specimen sold before I could finish this post, however we will have two Lynches with us at Comicon Toronto this month!