He Who Shall Not Be Named...

Cole Sprouse will now be referred to as “He who Shall Not be named.” Sense this  lying peasant is in fact a lying peasant and we now officially don’t acknowledge his existence I figured that this was just a fitting nickname. :P

EXO’s reaction when you (a stranger) are being hit on and they rescue you by pretending to be your boyfriend

Sehun: “Well, hello there, I am sure you must have not known but the girl you’ve been hitting on so peasant-ly is actually here with me. Yes, me, Oh Sehun! I’m sure you will leave the two of us alone now, won’t you?”

Kai: *comes from behind you and gives you a peck on the cheek* “Oh hi, jagi, sorry that it took so long… is this a friend of yours?”

Tao: “Oh, hello there, don’t you want to go and hit on someone in your own league? My girl is obviously on a different level…”

Kyungsoo: “You’ve been hitting on my girlfriend, oh really?”

“Well, you’re not anymore… am I making myself clear?”

Chanyeol: *suddenly appears behind you* “Bro, really? Flirting with another bro’s woman, that’s not cool!”

Chen: *walks up behind the guy*

Baekhyun: “Alright, what’s the situation here? Are you hitting on my girl? Hm? Is this what it is?”

Lay: *stands in front of you facing the dude* “Excuse me, lecherous young man, Sir, the lady is not interested. You see, the two of us are actually here together, we are in a relationship, I was just on the toilet. So, please, if you would leave us alone now, that would be very nice. Thank you.”

Suho: *makes it clear for the guy that he got nothing on $uho*

Kris: *walks up to the guy* “How about you turn around and find yourself another girl to hit on, preferably one that is not here with me!”

Luhan: *comes close to you* *very close* *too close* “Is this guy bothering you? I can get rid of him with pure manliness if you want me to!”

Xiumin: *casually walks up next to you* “The lady belongs to me!”