My Daily Journal: #2 THE SWEETEST LETTER

Last night, I came home tired from a long day of work and from hanging-out a bit with friends. Yes, I was tired but I was happy.

And I was even happier when I found the letter that’s been sitting on my study table for the whole day. Inside was my admission packet from the University of the Philippines – Open University (UPOU).

And this was the first paragraph that I read…… “Welcome to UP Open University!” I couldn’t help but smile. Too bad, my sister wasn’t here when I opened it. 

I have been expecting it because I already got the electronic admission notice from UPOU but I wasn’t expecting it so soon because registration doesn’t start until mid of October.

So, for the first semester. I have the most interesting classes. (see below)

EDL 201
Applied Linguistics for Communication Arts
(3 units)

Language theories, principles, and approaches as applied to language analysis with emphasis on grammar structures and phonetics of English/ Filipino relative to communicative use.

EDR 211
Reading in the Content Areas
(3 units)

Techniques and strategies in reading textual materials in the content areas

I am actually looking forward to one of my core courses which is the Psychology of Reading. I’ll see if I can add three more units.

I am most looking forward to my first day orientation on the 6th of November. I can’t wait to study again!!

Home Sweet Home

The longest time that I have been away from home, families and friends is 10 months. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame it on my vows. It is the choice that I made long time ago. But I admit that it is so sweet to be home again.

Home is where people knows you better, people who truly care, people who you are comfortable with. It is sweet, indeed. No worries… No worries about my natural awkwardness, that is often misunderstood as being rude. No worries that people might not understand me. I just get to be me, very comfortable and secure that people around me knows me well.

You don’t really appreciate that until you are away from them…

So, it’s my third week here in Philippines, my home country. I still have another week left.

It’s weird, at first, that I feel so new to the place where I spent almost all of my life. I couldn’t go out alone. I was scared to commute. The polluted Manila air was literally stuck on my throat, it made me cough! The dust made me sneeze!

But.. oh! I’ve been eating a LOT! The day that I got here, I almost ate every food available at Jolibee. And GEE! I didn’t realize how cheap everything is over here. I had a foot spa, a pedicure, a manicure and a haircut the morning that I got here.

I even went to the dentist, a dermatologist, an optometrist!

The next few days will still be spent spoiling myself. My sister said she will treat my mom and me for a full body massage on friday. I couldn’t wait for that.

Chin's Dare #1: 10 Random Facts about ME

1. I easily get mad especially in the morning.

2. I have a world of my own WHEN I am doing something. It will take anyone some effort to call my attention. My sister always complains about this. She calls me “autistic!”

3. I am pretty organized. I always have my lists - to do lists, homework lists, to-read lists, and more. I started this habit when I was in elementary school. Also even if my eyes are closed, (most of the time) I know exactly where to find my things on my table.

4. When I watch a movie and didn’t finish it, I’ll probably never watch again to finish it. Same thing with books. That is, if I don’t continue reading the same book in about a month. 

5. I can watch the Sound of Music and the Parent Trap a thousand times!

6. I am awkwardly shy. It leads (or rather misled) people to think ill of me.

7. I can be a good stalker. I have a knack on research.

8. I can never enjoy drinking. But I can sit or party with friends who drinks and have a good time. 

9. I hardly watch TV. I tend to have short attention span when watching anything (except for movies that I really planned to watch). I always lose my concentration. And when something interesting comes up, I often ask someone what happened. Most often, they reply with “aren’t you watching?” And most often, they are mad for having to explain it to me..

10. I was crazy about stationery before. I still have a box of them that I can never let go but I use them whenever I get a chance to.


I can never hush. Though I don’t talk a lot, my mind is always occupied by any random thoughts.  It could be about books, movies, news, daily life’s activities. Supressing it might lead to insanity. May God forbid!! So, I’d rather express it, write it down and blog it….


Warning: Contents might be annoying, boring, insane?, and stupid!

Some of my posts are my homeworks back in high school and college.


I am an AB Journalism graduate from the University of the East, Manila. I love to read and write. However, I had a few experiences that kept me away from writing for quiet some time. Because of homework deadlines and writing tasks during the 4-year course in college, I kind of lost my enthusiasm in writing. It became more of a responsibility than something that is fun to do. It became more technical than just being creative to express oneself. But now that I am inspired again, I am writing not as a task but as a hobby.