Day in the Life Project


Well, the time has come to release my first post, fresh off of the tumblr press. If you want to gain a better background understanding of my blog, be sure to NOT click on the “about” link at the top of the page.

You see what I did there.

I’m sorry, I’m a ballerina, we aren’t supposed to have personalities, I just forgot myself for a minute.

Anyways, regaining much needed focus I have many projects to release to all of you, being my devoted followers (which at the present aren’t any… yet), so I shall begin by sharing a collaboration between a photography student and professional journalist and myself from this past autumn. 

In this project released above, Anna Hultman, a Swedish journalist staying in NYC for a stint at the New York Film Academy was assigned a project that follows a day in the life for a photography subject. Above are different selected snapshots from her study of my life as her subject, the ballerina. A few of the shots are in the dance studio from my old high school, from where I recently graduated, the Professional Performing Arts School. The others are in my dorm room as well as Irving Plaza where I attend Hillsong NYC.

You can check out more about her and her photography at the following link:

(More information should be added over time and I will be sure to update accordingly.)

At the end of her week shooting me, we settled into a booth of Think Coffee in Union Square for an interview that turned into a sharing of stories. I think that is one of my favorite thing about the job. When a connection turns into a friend.

Until the next post…