Last Run of Week 9.

Warm and Sunny, so I took it to Campus. Since the runs are longer and I am not necessarily trying to track mileage right now, the loops at the parks can get monotonous.

I figured Saturday meant no students on the sidewalks and no traffic in the streets, since there are no classes, and variation in the running route.

There was, however, new student orientation and a Baseball game, which, of course, meant I would see one of my students while I was huffing up a hill on the outside perimeter of campus.

I almost got taken out by one of the campus landscaping vehicles. I jumped when I realized it was there and the guy driving laughed. But he wasn’t not attractive, so I let it slide.

This was a very nostalgic run for me. When I was an undergrad, I walked those same hills and sidewalks that I chose to run. In 2005-2006, I couldn’t make it from class to my apartment on campus without sweating through all of my clothes and needing five minutes to recover from shortness of breath. Today I conquered those brick paths with no issue and passed my old building feeling really proud.

The last ten minutes I ran up the parking deck in the back of campus

I got a side stitch with 7 minutes left, the kind that creeps all the way up your neck, but I knew the only option was to run through it, because that’s what I would have to do during a 10k, anyway.

I used to go to the top of this deck with Tor and talk about deep things, like life and Ryan Cabrera. Me from 2005 would have had to take the elevator to meet me from 2014 there.

Overall, good run week. I guess you can bring on week 10 now.

LYBW: a twofer for yesterday’s absence. My mind and my heart. Without these two bad girls, none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t have had the fortitude to say enough is enough and change things, to believe in myself for one more mile or one more rep. To push when it felt like I was sprinting through quicksand. Without the combined tiny voice from these two that said “keep going, you have to keep going” life would be drastically different.

Enjoy your weekend guys. (And set your clocks forward tonight!)

Wednesdays have been busy lately.

Today I had a TRX session at 8:30 in the AM with my former TRX instructor (now current Pilates leader).

I made a rookie mistake here. (1) I did 30 minutes of cardio before our session, because I wanted to make sure I got my workout session in on top of my session with her. (2) Because it was so early, I decided to eat breakfast after the workout instead of fueling my body for the workout (I know guys…I KNOW). To no one’s surprise: we got fifteen minutes into TRX and I felt like throwing up. I was somehow, by the grace of the health spirits, able to power through the 60 minute session.

Because it was only 2 of us, I gave it my all. There was no hiding behind the idea of novice classmates, or doing ten, instead of twelve, reps. The instructor participated and made sure I did every grueling move the proper number of times. I left sweaty and spent. The flattering thing is the instructor told me that I had such a grasp on it, that I should get certified to teach TRX. She told me she would keep her eyes out for certification classes for me. I thanked her, all the while knowing, in the back of my mind, I am more of a follower than a leader when it comes to group exercises. BUTWHOKNOWS.

To keep with LYBW (loveyourbodyweek) I am giving a shout out to my arms.  Arms I once hid in cardigans, even in the summer. Arms that despised pushups. They, too, heeded my call for strength and health and have held me in minute long planks, and Pilates pushups. Who still jiggle when I wave vigorously, but present a pretty decent gun show when I work out in tank tops. It’s no coincidence I chose this coffee mug. Cheers, arms. 

Tomorrow is going to be a HELLA busy day….

Going to work at 8am to reserve a table for our first event of LYBW
Working the table from 11-12:40ish
Dial in for the “open house” at the site I’m interviewing at
Dial in for the interview
Interview for an hour
Potentially go back to work
Do an outreach event at a sorority 

Going to Skype with my parents in a bit. This internship thing has me a bit thrown. I’m going to need to make a fairly tough decision when ranking.