Your Secret Santa:


1rst Wish!

 Anything with Leo and automaton reindeer, or him with Festus, getting into the spirit of the season!

This was fun to draw! I’ve been steadily getting better at traditional media, which is good, not to mention convenient, since my Photoshop and Sai suddenly decided to break this month. On that note, big thanks to my best friend MONSTART for being a peach and shading this monster for me. I would have only been able to give you the flats with the textures if not for her, so LEO VALDEZ CHRISTMAS CHEER brought to you in equal parts by Em and Ty.

Gods almighty, I love this boy so much.

Feliz Navidad from Leo, Festus, and their new reindeer friend~

I’m not too late, am I? Am I?

Oh God I’m so late… Procrastinating is never good. Never ever.

Anyway! Here’s my secret santa gift for lxdr! I decided to go with your two main requests, Hiroto and Tsurugi, and add some school girl outfits with cute little skirts for good measure. Looks like Tsurugi won’t be asking Hiroto any more tips on how to get Tenma to like him more anytime soon.

I hope you’ll like it! Merry Christmas \o

tonight, i'm afraid of the dark

There wasn’t a day that Rick didn’t stare at the moon for an absurd amount of time. It happened when they ate out, it happened when they watched the worst movie they could get their hands on, it happened on really cold nights and all he could . He stared at it as if he had something to say to it, and each time he would turn back to his date and shake his head while smiling in a rueful way.

"Maybe you’d like to talk to your other date first." He had finally said while busying himself with his waffle, and he was halfway through when Rick had finally replied with something that enlightened him. "Uh?"

"La lune." Les pointed at it with his knife after stuffing his mouth. "You’ve been eyeing her for a while. Scared you’ll make a bad impression?"

"Funny." Rick contributed in a tone that didn’t sound the least bit humored.

The time passed between them, and Leslie occupied himself with his food and Rick went back to staring at the moon. He figured if he opened his mouth he would have made a much more stinging retort, so he stuffed it instead.

When he’d finished, the boy across from him mumbled. “Do you think the moon is beautiful?”

He blinked, “It’s only a rock in space that doesn’t even use its own light, Rick.” “But do you think it’s beautiful?” Rick throws back, and Les shrugs. “When it’s at its fullest.”

He didn’t know what he’d done, but the lazy smile that appeared on Rick’s face made his heart stutter, his sternum contract painfully and his stomach warm. “I think the moon is beautiful any time of the year.”

A lot of first times Les had passed, and a lot of first times weren’t shared with Rick. For example, his first kiss, his first time tying his shoelaces by himself, his first time going to school, or even his first time falling in love. He didn’t expect his first time being speechless was going to be with him.

"Tell me, Les, have you read Natsume Soseki?"

Les laid his head down in fear that Rick would see the heat all over his face and the happiness growing inside of him.