"…«romantic affection». Crap, that sounds stupid. What the fuck I’m doing”

OMG finnaly I completed this. Zexel u’re dumb xD Whole file. Thanks agent-lex for help with translation.

whenhailfreezesover said:

so apparently natasha fosters dogs in her spare time and now i can't stop thinking carmilla's a total fucking softy with animals

big softy carmilla loving cats and birds and rabbits and being so gentle and kind with them and everyone is just so startled bc yeah they figured the cat thing i mean carmilla is essentially a cat personified but she just becomes a mush of “oh my gOD LOOK AT THE BUNNY” but obviously in a more cool casual way but it’s there u can see it u can totally see the inner animal lover in her and everyone maybe falls in love a lil bit with carmilla the one day they walk in and she’s sitting on the bed holding a bunny reading some philosophy book