KAWS @ The Armory Show NYC

Honor Fraser announces a new solo presentation of new paintings and a sculpture by KAWS. Taking influences from popular culture, KAWS associates round canvases of a smaller scale with popular culture and collectible lapel buttons, making the works more personal and approachable, and yet acknowledging their collectible qualities. The palette for this series has returned to mainly dark grays and blacks, dramatized by bright colors. The works will be exhibited at The Armory Show in New York, kicking off March 3 and running through March 6, 2011.

Zaha Hadid

Z-Car I

Ergonomics and aerodynamics fused in a design for Z-Car – initially in 2-seat / 3-wheel / hydrogen form – later developed as Z-Car-II, a compact 4-seat / 4-wheel / lithium-ion battery alternative – incorporating unique body inclination adjustments, sliding doors and ‘fly-by-wire’ technology to reinvent car, driver and passenger experience for the 21st century.