i hate when people almost can’t function if their significant other is not there. don’t get so attached to someone to the point of losing all of ur friends and feeling helpless if they aren’t there. u shouldn’t rely so much on another person like that bc they could be gone instantly & there are also other cool things besides ur husband/wife/bf/gf. don’t limit your life to simply them, there is so much more to this world than finding a significant other and fuck the whole “finding someone to complete u” bullshit. u r already a whole person. u will be okay. u will survive if ur husband/wife/bf/gf is not at your side. it’s okay 

i know that finding that one person who you jst click with is really amazing, i’ve been there, i know. but please don’t allow them to consume ur life. 


Hey guys!for those of you who have subscribed to my patreon, Thank you all for the support, all rewards for term 5 (PSD,Voice over tutorial, Video process and more will be send out Feb 1-6 ^_^)
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Next term I’ll be working on Attack on titan stuff as well as the final part to portrait painting voice over tutorial ^_^see u guys soon !

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Chorong: Naeun. Naeun is slightly…fatally attractive. There’s a part where we hit our heads…We all do it but Naeun stands out. Naeun seems to have her own mature qualities…