So my best friend told me i should withhold sex until my boyfriend stops going on at me about getting a hair cut or that i look ridiculous with long hair. I have to say it is very very tempting...

Canadian followers will appreciate this little gem: 

As a method of procrastination I went on Twitter to see what was happening. How fortunate was I to have stumbled into the middle of a heated hockey debate between two well known physicians in my region. 

Good to see these guys having fun outside of medicine. 

…and yes, one of the topics was about trading Luongo


I know you'll see this eventually baby, my beautiful best friend...

You really don’t need to worry about the exams. You’ll be absolutly fine! You’re smart and beautiful and amazing! Besides i’m gonna be there with you all the time even if it is metaphorically, i’m always be holding you’re hand and loving you.

100 questions about my best friend

What’s your best friend’s name? Lucinda Caitlin Hughes <3

When is their birthday? August 9th

Where was this person born? A hospital up near the Birmingham area :) 

How old are they? 17

How long have you been friends? Years :)…since school

Do you love them? It’s more then love :’)

Does this person love you? She does

Do you care about them? So much :D

Do they care about you? Someone has to :P

Would you die for them? Naturally.

Do you think they would die for you? I hope not, I wanna haunt her!

What exactly would you go threw for them? Everything. And anything. And then more.

Could you live without them? Not a chance.

Why do they mean a lot to you? She’s been there with me through everything, and I can’t owe her enough.

Why is this person your best friend? Because she is my everything.

What would you do if this person said they never wanted to talk to u again? Ask her what was wrong, and then what flavour ice cream she wants me to get when I go instantly to hers.

Do you trust them? Stupidly much. 

Do they trust you? I believe so.

Can you tell them anything? I know that I could but won’t want to hurt her.

What is their favorite colour? I don’t actually know :O

What is their favorite movie? My porno ;)

Who is their favorite person? Me :D then Charles 

Is this person smart? Insanely

Have you ever kissed them? Kissed her better yeah :’)

Have they ever kissed you? Same situations :’)

Do you love them?or are you IN love with them? Yes, I do. So So much.

Have they ever hated you? I don’t think so.

Have you ever hated them? Never. I couldn’t.

Do you guys talk a lot on the phone? Not often.

Are they annoyed by you? Probably at times …

Are you annoyed by them? Stupidly Often.

Would you marry them? If it was legal….

Is this person pretty? Mind blowingly

What’s their best feature? Her best friend ;) … no, her like amazing personality.

What do you love about them? How she doesn’t ever leave me.

What cant you stand about them? The fact that she’s moving.

Out of you two, who can sing better? we’re both shocking :’)

If they died tomorrow, what would you do? Go and join her.

If you could tell them anything in this world, what would you say? Same as I do now, as I still can.

Do they have myspace?If so, what is it? Yeah, no idea though

Are you on their top friends?Where? I believe so…

Is she on your top friends?Where? I think so :’)

When was the last time you guys hung out? Far to long ago.

When was the last time you guys laughed together? It would have been when we were last together.

How often is this person on your mind? Like always.

Do you live close to this person? Fairly…

Do you guys go to the same school? I wish :’(

Have you ever questioned their loyalty as a friend? No, never.

Have they ever made you cry? Yeah, but only cos I was so worried about her.

Have they been mad at you?If so, for what? Being stupid and stubborn :/

Have you ever fought with this person? Never a proper fight, but once.

Have you ever felt like giving up on your friendship with them? Have you ever felt like giving up oxygen?

 Do you think you ever really would give up on your friendship with them? Never.

Have you ever talked behind this person’s back? Never in a nasty way. Just in references.

Have they ever talked about you behind your back? Only because she was so worried.

If you stopped being friends, would either of you try to be friends again? We wouldn’t stop.

Could you imagine how your life would be with him/her? Never.

Are you their best friend? I believe so.

Where did you guys meet? In die schule :D

Are you related to them? Practically.

What do they do that always manages to make you smile? Loves me :D

If you could choose, would you choose someone else as a best friend? Never. Unless it was a second one of her…

How often do you guys hang out? No where near enough.

Do you both like the same type of music?Some artists :’) 

Are you both the same age? Give or take a few months.

What is your greatest memory with this person? There’s to many to choose.

If you have ever got in a fight with this person, do you think you were right? Neither of us were really.

Will you always be there for this person? Always and always.

Will they always be there for you? It feels so.

Do they complete you? They are a part of me.

Are you both very different people? Stupidly different, Like opposites.

What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend? Laugh, and hold it whilst she gets her leg up ;), and eat crappy food.

What is the most unique thing about them that not many people know? She has a scar on her back that sorta looks like a heart to me :’)

What do they want to do when they grow up? Shit, again I don’t know :S … though I know she wants to do classics at uni.

What do you like most about them? How she makes me feel unbroken and whole.

What do you not like about them? That she’s leaving in about three months :’(

On a scale of 1-10 now much does your friendship with this person mean to you? a gazillion :) 

Would you live with your best friend? It wouldn’t be living, cos life’s rubbish.

What’s the craziest thing this person has done? Tried to get into cambridge :’)

What’s the craziest thing you both have done together? There isn’t one to chose.

What are some words that describe your best friend? There are too many I could use.

How much time, in an average week do you spend together? Not enough :’(

Do you have any secrets you haven’t told this person? Not really, there are some details though yeah.

Do you feel that he/she has any secrets from you? If she does, its best this way :)

Would this person bail you out of jail, or be sitting there with you? pfft, she’d be with me :) 

Do you think sarcasm is an important part in your friendship? It totally is, it confuses me which makes her laugh  :) 

Has this person ever done anything that completely grossed you out? many many times :’)

Have they ever gotten you sick? Yeah :’)

Have you ever gotten them sick? Possibly …

Would they ever tell anyone your deepest, darkest secrets? Never. 

Would you cry at their funeral? I wouldn’t be able to do anything but cry for months after.

How much does this person mean to you? She is my everything.

Do you plan on going to college with this person? If only :(

Do you think you will be best friends forever?  It’s inevitable.

I went and fixed it :P